Still Got Guns to Give Away…

PrizeKimber Guess who still has tickets available for a gun drawing? That’s right, my local Friends of NRA committee.

We’ve got 5 guns to draw for, including the Kimber featured here. There are also two Kahr 1911s, a Taurus, and an AR. With a maximum of 300 tickets sold for just $20 each, the odds for each ticket are just 1 in 60 to win a gun. There aren’t many chances to beat that.

As mentioned before, there are no online sales. But, if you want a ticket, just shoot me an email and I’ll let you know how you can buy one (or more if you want to increase your odds of winning).

The rules about FFLs and all that good stuff are in the linked post, so go check it out if you have questions.

9 thoughts on “Still Got Guns to Give Away…”

  1. Aw. Crap. I knew there was something in my todo list. Sorry.

    Setting calendar reminders.

    1. The check is in the mail. ATL to your neck of the woods, a few days I’d guess.

      1. No problem at all! We still have lots and lots to sell. (Not such a great thing for the committee, but a great thing for you guys!)

  2. Is the drawing still going on? I would like to buy a ticket. Please tell me how.


    1. It is still going on, but I’m going to put a hold on sending out any orders that I haven’t already contacted the person via email for a couple of weeks. We have a couple of gun shows coming up, and I don’t want to risk selling out while we’re waiting on an order to come through the mail. So I’ll shoot you an email if we haven’t sold out after the shows. Which, given how many tickets we have at this point, I’ll likely be emailing you. :)

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