Grenades, Machine Guns, and Rockets, Oh My!

SayUncle points out that not everyone who is a foreign policy expert is an expert in arms control laws, as one “expert” claims that people are buying grenades, rockets, and machine guns in thousands of US gun shops just across the border.  You’d almost think someone was organizing a media campaign to take advantage of Americans’ ignorance of their own laws or something.

3 thoughts on “Grenades, Machine Guns, and Rockets, Oh My!”

  1. Weird. I read a similar article about guns shows and US/Mexico, but I assumed they were saying that people were buying the stuff in Mexico and bringing it to the US (especially since they were mentioning full auto guns). Now that I see this, I see I was wrong, and the article was crazy.

  2. Overload: When Obama and the Democrats pass their semi-automatic ban and all the other blatantly unconstitutional gun laws in America, don’t worry, the very same Mexican gangsters who export illegal drugs to this country by the metric ton WILL be doing likewise with all types of guns, even full auto guns, plus grenades and AT rockets too.

    You’ll just have to ignore all the laws, accept a change of venue from nice clean stores to filthy back alleys, and be willing to deal with seedy characters if you really want to own any type of firearms by then.

  3. Hal –

    Sounds good. Maybe I’ll finally be able to get a decent price on an M14 clone – I sob whenever I see how cheaply the Chicom copies sell in Canada.

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