Quinn’s Expected Veto

Governor Quinn of Illinois apparently doesn’t care that the court has spoken. His amendatory veto suggests that:

  • You only be allowed to carry one gun. Because two would just be one too many?
  • No carrying any spare magazines.
  • No carrying anywhere alcohol is served, even if you’re drinking iced tea.
  • Requires businesses to opt-in to the concealed carry program rather an opt out.
  • Removes preemption of home rule regulation of so-called assault weapons.

Screw this guy. Tell your lawmakers you expect them to override Quinn and ignore his tantrum.

3 thoughts on “Quinn’s Expected Veto”

  1. You are correct in saying the court has spoken; Justice Kagan told IL to take all the delays they want. She’ll grant more.

    PS-I didn’t know you guys had a Chris Matthews all your own. :)

  2. I’m sure all these wonderful ideas will equally affect public servants as well as the public, right?

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