Nebraska Improves Its Concealed Carry Laws

Looks like reciprocity, removal on some carry restrictions, and full, unambiguous preemption.  Passed 43 to 3, with one abstaining.    Now it just needs to be signed by the Governor, which seems likely.

We had just been talking about this issue a few days ago in regards to Illinois.  Nebraska’s home rule law doesn’t really allow local municipalities to regulate something like carrying firearms, but some did anyway, and were ready to take it to court.  This should throw cold water all over that, and make it unambiguous.

2 Responses to “Nebraska Improves Its Concealed Carry Laws”

  1. hecate says:

    Actually, under state statute, municipalities were allowed to enact their own gun restrictions and still can. LB430 just preempts local ordinances for people with carry permits. The others are still kinda-sorta SOL.

    Now there should be a big jump in permit applications. We still have less than 5,000 permits on the books, and the issues addressed in this bill eliminate most of the reasons why.

  2. Sebastian says:

    My understanding is there was a conflict with two statutes, one suggesting that municipalities could regulate firearms, and another, the concealed carry law, saying it was valid throughout the state, and the question was which statute was controlling.