Good News out of Illinois

The anti-gun political machine in Illinois has been doing their damnedest to buy time for local communities to slip gun bans in so that they can be grandfathered in. The good news is we’ve been meeting them town for town. Here is a report compiled by Todd Vandermyde, the NRA lobbyist on the ground in Illinois. Brackets are my additions, or summarizations.

Park Ridge:  Meeting was postponed until JULY 8th 7:00pm. Power outage due to storms. Report of good turn out.

Highland Park (Lake County): Ban Passed 6-1, [despite overflow turnout.]

Evanston: Good turn out reports say 2-1 for us. No action likely tonight.

St Charles: Standing room only and Chief Lamkin’s presentation was moved to the first order of business. The forum gravitated to discussion of an AWB, but bottom line…not in St. Charles

River Forest: No report

Marengo: “After what I heard this evening, I doubt the City Council would vote for a ban,” Mayor Donald Lockhart say. “There doesn’t seem to be support for a ban.”

Melrose Park: No report

West Chicago (Dupage County): 30 or so showed up for us and every committee member was totally opposed to any legislation and recommended that nothing should be pursued.

Park Forest  (Cook County): No gun ban on the agenda. The Mayor of Park Forest has responded to inquiries, and there is nothing on the agenda at this time.

When we show up, we win. Highland Park is a shame, but let’s see how they deal with spending a fortune defending a lawsuit in federal court. Hopefully we can beat them back everywhere else. I’m really pleased with as ragged as the powers-that-be in Illinois have been running everyone, that we’re still showing up in large numbers in places they probably never expected. Let’s keep the pressure up.

2 Responses to “Good News out of Illinois”

  1. jkp says:

    Even better news that one of the municipalities was in freakin’ Cook County….

  2. Alex says:

    I’m so tired of this talk…. so tired of the corrupt telling the poor what to do… so tired of the crooked judicial system sending people to jail on terms they don’t even follow their cells.. I would like to have a piece to protect myself because my county can’t afford another police officer because the corrupt are making deals with their friends on business deals with no over watch well my taxes ar being raised 100 percent per year… leave our lives alone.. judgment is coming