Another Colorado Recall Certified

This one is against Senator Angela Giron:

Senator Giron comes from a heavily Democratic district, but one in which gun rights are taken very seriously. Boulder or Aspen, it’s not. During the legislative session, Giron held a townhall meeting in a space for 250 and 750 people showed up to express their anger with her anti-gun votes.

Very good. Hopefully these will be successful recalls. This would definitely send a message.

7 thoughts on “Another Colorado Recall Certified”

  1. I remember reading the commentary when this group first submitted their signatures for Giron’s recall. The thought by the “experts” was that they were going to fall short when all was said and done.

    I’m glad to see this going forward.

    1. By conventional measures, the recall group did not submit enough spare signatures, but somehow the signatures that they submitted had a much higher than average rate of validity. Quality work.

      1. I’m guessing the doomberg minions didn’t think this was going to be a problem so they didn’t sign phony signatures to make it look like you have more good ones than you really do.

        I think that’s what happened in Colorado Springs. Needed ~7200, turned in over 16k, only 10,200 were good. I though that was unusual to have that many bad ones until I thought about it. Still plenty though.

  2. Bloomberg bucks don’t matter if you are sent packing.

    You know, being recalled is the highest level of insult you can bestow on a politician. Their performance is so incompetent or evil that they awakened the apathetic American public enough to kick them out early.

    Think twice politicians elsewhere. We can do it to you anywhere.

    Oh, and when Bloomberg or Feinstein kick the bucket, I will buy a round of drinks or throw a party to celebrate their demise.

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