York County Sees 63% Growth in LTC Issuance

I’ve seen stories like this all around the state. It’s going to be interesting when the State Police release the PICS numbers, which shows how many checks were run on people who apply for LTCs in a given year. The estimate on the number of LTCs issues was around 600,000, statewide. Will it hit 700,000? 800,000? It would be very good for that to be the case, because few politicians want to risk pissing off 800,000 voters in a state of 12 million people.

6 Responses to “York County Sees 63% Growth in LTC Issuance”

  1. Chas says:

    “unbeknownst to those around them”

    Because that is what “concealed” means, perhaps? :)

  2. RP says:

    In 2011, the number of new applications and renewals increased 18 percent, he said. In 2012, it increased 71 percent.
    The number of requests in the first three months after the Newtown shooting — January, February and March of this year — alone equaled a 50 percent increase over the total number of permit requests for the entire year in 2012, he said.

    The article states 6,238 LTCFs were issued in 2011. Let’s go with that as the application number. It will actually understate our result.

    6,238 x 1.71 = 10,667 applications in 2012, since the article says there was a 71% increase.

    10,667 x 1.50 = 16,001 applications in Jan-Mar 2013, since the article says there was a 50% increase.

    16,000 in 3 months in York County alone! I must have messed up somewhere… Someone double check my math.

    And remember, I used permits issued instead of applications submitted. That understates the total.

  3. Dave says:

    Berks County was issuing them on the spot in the both the court house and the airport substation. Both locations were so busy that you could end up waiting for an hour or two and they would have to mail the permit to you at a later time. In reality, they could not print them fast enough.

  4. Jeff O says:

    As a long time York Countian, I’ve been concerned for some time about the influx of new residents from MD and their attitude towards firearms (aka ‘Baltimorons’). Apparently I was mistaken: maybe these people are leaving the PRMD so they can protect their families like the rest of us!

    • Rob Blakely says:

      I am one of those who moved “north of the border” away from the Peoples Republic of Maryland. You are spot on as to the reason.

  5. Bitter says:

    few politicians want to risk pissing off 800,000 voters in a state of 12 million people

    Unfortunately, some of those politicians who are willing to do it are named Kathleen Kane, Allyson Schwartz, and Joe Sestak.