Welcome to the Party

A few readers have sent stories about how MAIG’s servers, etc, were being run by the City of New York. I thought this was pretty much common knowledge to anyone who has been following Bloomberg’s organization for a while, so I didn’t think it was really news, but it’s gotten picked up by the media, and they are all running with it. Welcome to the Party. Bloggers figured this out years ago.

Back in 2011, the New York Post ran a story on how Bloomy yanked 100 large out of the NYPD budget to run stings on gun shows, and then there was the revelation about a year ago that New York City wasn’t the only city who’s tax dollars were going to fund gun control. So it was largely known, at least among gun bloggers, that MAIG was partially funded by New York City taxpayers. Who knew it was big news?

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  1. JC_VA says:

    We need to make sure that not only is he exposed, but that we emphasize how his tactics are a part of the gun-control movement in general. They should not be getting a free pass when one of their own uses their own tactics in this way. This has to fall on the entire gun-control community. No excusing the actions of one person when so many stand with him. No excusing turning criminals in to “victims”. No excusing forcing rights-limiting agenda money into politics.

  2. So what?

    The taxpayers of NYC support these efforts. The majority of NYC residents want us in a prison or on a box car when it really comes down to it.

    Even if there is a tax issue with MAIG’s tax-exempt status and using city funding for the 501c4 arm, the politicized IRS will not investigate them, at least not under the current administration.

    So, why does it matter?

    • Ish says:

      That’s quite an accusation to level at a city of 8.5 million. Yes, the city skews left-liberal, but its one huge leap from “80% of `em voted for Obama” to “[they] want us in … box car[s]”.

      The reason it matters is that taxpayer money is being used to fund a private enterprise. That’s flat-out corruption, and ethical people are supposed to regard corruption as repulsive… not sneer that the victims were asking for it. “Didja see how they voted?” is a little too close to “Did you see how she was dressed?” for my tastes.

  3. Dave says:

    Just wait till the media figures out that MAIG does not check its members and actually admitted a mayor who is a convicted felon (Vaughn Spencer – Reading, Pa). Best of all, the felonious mayor became prohibited for assaulting a police officer.


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