Stunning Admission

The New York Post is ticked that Bloomberg spent $100,000 worth of money out of the NYPD budget to pull off his publicity stunt at Arizona gun shows noting, “Bloomberg, of course, has never been bashful about putting taxpayers’ money where his mouth is.” They later go on to argue that the real solution is for the NYPD to stop buying from Glock, until they stop “selling high-capacity magazines to private citizens.”

New Yorkers have a tendency to think the world revolves around their city, but the fact of the matter is that whatever NYPD spends on Glocks is a drop in the bucket compared to what Glock makes selling guns to the civilian market. As it currently is, people are buying Glock magazines (the vast majority of which hold more than ten rounds) faster than they can make them.

Kudos to the post for recognizing the waste and silliness of Bloomberg’s stunt, but it’s disappointing they offered up an equally silly proposal to deny their police one of the best defensive handguns on the market. Imagine instead of spending $100,000 on publicity stunts, and wrangling about whether NYPD officers should sacrifice equipment on the altar of political correctness, if we actually spend all this time, energy, and money on helping the police, I don’t know, catch criminals or something?

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  1. And who, other than the NYPD, is going to buy a Glock with a 14lb trigger.

    Was anyone arrested as a result of Hizzoner’s little stunt? 100 large might have paid for some decent undercover work solving crimes in, I don’t know, New York City, for starters.

  2. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Glock preempted Bloomberg and stopped selling or servicing their equipment for NYC until Bloomberg shut’s his effin’ mouth?

  3. I once talked with a guy that worked at Sig. This was during the time when cities were suing gun makers and I asked why those gun makers didn’t just stop selling to those city’s police departments. He said that it was such a cut throat business that one of the other companies would just come in and grab the sales. So say Glock stops selling to NYPD….Sig or S&W will just come in and give them a deal. Seems short sighted but I guess that is the way it is.

  4. I’m waiting for an Az mayor to send someone to NYC to buy som illegal guns… With the right connections they could score a truck full in a couple of hours. Boomberg is an ass. An egotistical, self serving, smug little a$$.

  5. From the article:

    Instead of dipping into the NYPD budget for out-of-state stunts, why not just direct the department to stop buying Glock handguns until the manufacturer stops selling high-capacity magazines to private citizens?

    Given the abysmal shooting of the NYPD, banning them from having “high capacity” magazines sounds like a quick way to make the streets of New York safer for everybody.

  6. “He said that it was such a cut throat business that one of the other companies would just come in and grab the sales.”

    Unless you’re as awsome as Ronnie Barrett.

  7. I doubt Glock would dig their heels in and stand on principle. As it is (from what I understand) they already keep fired cases on file, availabe for subpoena should the police want evidence. Why would they do this if no law (in most states) requires them to?

  8. We’ve got some Kimber customs down here in NC that we’d let them have for a steal. ;)

  9. Frankly, I’m fully supportive of the idea. If Bloomberg hates Glock so much, he should stop buying their product. The problem is, the cops would turn on him cause they don’t agree with him. He’s already lost the sanitation workers (and they’ve pretty much killed all the political capitol Bloomberg had left), he can’t afford to lose the police too.

  10. Hell, me having a ton of spite running through my blood stream, I say let them go back to using .38 revolvers, THEN let’s hear the city bitch and whine about Glock. Within 2 days flat, the NYPD will beg “OH, PLEASE, MR. GLOCK…PLEASE HAVE MERCY AND SELL TO US AGAIN…PLEEEEEAAAAASE?

  11. Maybe that 100 grand could have gone to a little extra firearms training for their “ELITE” ESU.

  12. “Dear Glock,

    If NYPD promises to stop buying Glocks, I will buy 2 new G19s. I know that my actions alone don’t balance the books but I know I’m not alone! Do Not be bullied by the Fascist Bloomberg administration.”

    “Tammany Hall” isn’t dead. Remember “the Sullivan Act, a state law that required a permit to carry or own a concealed weapon, which eventually became law on May 29, 1911. However, with many residents unable to afford the $3 registration fee issued by the corrupt New York Police Department and guaranteed his bodyguards could be legally armed while using the law against their political opponents.” (wikipedia)

    Sounds familiar…

  13. The NYPD are the armed enforcers of gun control in New York.

    Any gun owner that looks up to the NYPD or wears attire with thier logo might as well put on a Joyce Foundation hat.

    The NYPD issues and mostly deny applications for licenses. If you don’t have a license, they’ll arrest you or maybe even shoot you. They are not the friends of Liberty and we need to start calling them what they are.

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