Sunday News Links

Well, if anything, we can say that Bloomberg’s bus tour is definitely getting media attention, and it’s also attracting counter protestors, which is a good thing (when they aren’t being boneheads and getting arrested).

The media story out of Raleigh, where the MAIGic Bus tour stopped yesterday, is one of a two sided showing. This is from at least two local stations here and here. I wonder if we’re not helping MAIG’s media game by helping attract the media.

Is Colorado Senator Moorse trying to intimidating people into withdrawing their name from the recall petition?

Apparently Connecticut citizens like the new gun laws. What wasn’t polled? How many of the people being polled even had an idea what the new gun law was.

Gabriel Gomez is running for Kerry’s Senate seat in Massachusetts openly opposing assault weapons bans and magazine restrictions, while endorsing Manchin-Toomey. It’s a very close race, which will be decided Tuesday. Apparently the Boston Globe is unhappy with this. He’s not thinking of the children.

The Philadelphia Inquirer isn’t happy with Senator Rich Alloway’s bill that would allow Philly residents to apply for LTCs in neighboring counties.

The PA Supreme Court is considering a preemption challenge by the City of Erie. Hopefully we’ll get another ruling strengthening preemption.

Apparently protesters (well, a few anyway) are nutty enough to protest a shooting range. But they’ll go home and leave us alone if they just get background checks.

Biden says he has 5 senators that want to change their vote on gun control. I’d take that with a grain of salt, but they aren’t going to let this issue die.

The state GOP boss is pressuring the Mayor of Dover, New Hampshire to quit MAIG. I wish our GOP bosses here would make an issue of MAIG membership.

The first Second Amendment documentary to make the screens of ordinary movie theaters.

Operation Colorado Freedom Phase II.

Dave Hardy has some things to say about jury selection in the Zimmerman case.

Senator Tester and Murphy are sponsoring a Constitutional Amendment that would silence the collective voice of gun owners by gutting the First Amendment.

“Open Bolt” explained.

Montgomery County firearms attorney Jonathan Goldstein debates former Governor Ed Rendell on the Dom Giordano show. It’s worth a listen. When confronted, The Governor ends up saying he doesn’t have bodyguards anymore. Could have fooled me.

6 Responses to “Sunday News Links”

  1. Andy B. says:

    Regarding the constitutional amendment that would allegedly gut the First (and other) Amendments, I have to confess that I just don’t get it. The whole “personhood” issue as debated with the Citizens United case seems irrelevant to me. The First Amendment says simply “Congress shall make no law…” It does not mention “people” until it gets around to the freedom of assembly issue. The rest of it applies completely to squirrels, should they acquire the ability to have communicative speech, or space aliens, or corporations — as the SCOTUS found. It would seem to me the proposed amendment would accomplish very little.

  2. borekfk says:

    I listened to some of the Dom Giordano show when they had the gun debate, I couldn’t listen to Rendell’s idiocy when he pulled out the ususal “If we can save one 9 year old girl” and the whole “we have the support of 94% of the people!”

  3. HappyWarrior6 says:

    Not that I’m warm on Gomez, but this is interesting to note from the poll that gives Markey an eight point lead… Looks like even MA voters could care less about gun control and will be voting on other unrelated issues on Tuesday:

    The polling also points to the fact that no one issue has dominated the campaign. While economic issues – the economy, jobs, the stock market and unemployment – continue to be voters’ top concerns, just 22 percent of likely voters named one of those as their most important issue, down from 31 percent in April. Another 10 percent said the morals, ethics or integrity of a candidate; 11 percent said either the party of the candidate or party control of the Senate; and 5 percent or less named a whole host of other issues such as cutting the deficit, taxes, health care, gun control and term limits.

  4. Hazmatpat says:

    The best thing we as a 2nd Amendment community could do would be to ignore “Bloomie’s Bus Tour” when it comes to town — or better yet, set up a BIGGER meetup of gunnies somewhere else nearby.

    The only thing we do by showing up to protest the bus is give it more prominent publicity it otherwise wouldn’t get….

    The bus without opposition? Bottom of the fold or back of the News Section.

    The bus with opposition? Front page and TV coverage on the evening news.

    The bus with a pro-gun bonehead getting arrested? FRONT PAGE, NATIONAL News.

    Ignore the bus and he’ll go away on his own. A footnote in the dustbin of Freedom’s History.

  5. Zermoid says:

    Montgomery County firearms attorney Jonathan Goldstein debates former Governor Ed Rendell on the Dom Giordano show. It’s worth a listen. When confronted, The Governor ends up saying he doesn’t have bodyguards anymore. Could have fooled me.

    Well, technically that statement may be correct, he only has one body guard in the picture, not bodyguardS.