Bad Exception Proposed for SAFE Act

I oppose carving out an exemption for retired NY cops from the SAFE act. If the guns and >7 rd magazines are only useful for hunting humans, the police shouldn’t have them either, and there can be no rationale at all for them having them off duty. It also looks like, according to this source, the GOP may have caved to Cuomo on guns in exchange for Cuomo caving on redistricting. So under the bus gun rights go:

Republicans number just 30 in the 63-seat Senate, yet they reasserted the state’s last bastion of GOP and conservative influence.

This year, Republicans were no longer under Cuomo’s thumb after he accepted the GOP’s redistricting plan, which will protect Republican power in the Senate for the next 10 years.

Senate Republicans struck a deal to share the majority with four breakaway Democrats in the Independent Democratic Conference in an unheard-of bipartisan agreement. And it worked.

Republicans allowed the IDC to raise the minimum wage and let Cuomo’s gun control bill pass, giving the IDC under Democrat Jeff Klein another major win.

Emphasis mine. If there was a deal to trade gun control for the GOP redistricting plan that preserved the GOP majority, you could bowl me over with a feather. When it comes to principles versus staying in power, power will win every time.

2 thoughts on “Bad Exception Proposed for SAFE Act”

  1. Regardless of the redistricting issue, a retired NY police officer is (just) a civilian. Carving out special exemptions for a certain group of civilians is making them more equal than others. TS

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