Proportioning Electors

Senate Republicans in Pennsylvania are proposing a plan that would proportion our electors in the Electoral college according to popular vote. Maybe if Senate Republicans spent more time trying to live up to their promises, instead of spending time trying to figure out how to get more votes for Republicans, Corbett’s numbers wouldn’t be so far in the toilet.

Given the GOP’s poor luck in the VoterID debacle, if their luck continues, I think it’s likely in 2016 that PA would have gone red, but the GOP candidate will lose by a margin he would have beat in the Electoral College if PA had stayed with the original electoral scheme.

Meanwhile, we still have socialized wine and liquor in this state, and you can’t buy beer at supermarkets or convenience stores.

9 thoughts on “Proportioning Electors”

  1. How about PA awarding it’s electoral votes like Maine does? That would be interesting.

  2. I bet most Pennsylvanians would support splitting the Commonwealth into two or three new states. An amicable divorce would be better for local democracy and end the regional and rural/urban power struggles.

  3. Why does Governor Corbett have such low approval numbers? Is he that bad?

    1. He’s not a leader, and he’s managed to piss everyone off. The left hates him because he’s not a huge tax & spend guy. The right is disappointed because he’s not exactly slashing the size of government, but he’s also been unable to deliver on his campaign promises that were like 60-80% issues like ending the state liquor monopoly and expanding school choice. This is all with a GOP-controlled legislature. Basically, he can’t get anything done even with his own party in charge. People in the middle hear the bad from both sides, and they see a media that doesn’t love him, so they don’t see much to like about him. What is to like about the guy?

      He’s a great campaigner from what I’ve seen him do in other offices. However, he doesn’t seem to be a good leader.

  4. I don’t think it was luck, it was Tursai saying something stupid that propelled the argument for those who disagreed with the bill.

    Like a Saturn V booster on a skateboard.

  5. What are you upset about? Electing conservatives is the best way to protect gun rights…

    1. Honestly though, trashing gun owners has become a platform of the Democrat party, like it or not.

      We need to kick these corrupt bastards out of office, and replace them with dependable constitutionalist candidates.

  6. I always find such proposals amusing. How often has the election of the President *not* been in line with the popular vote? Only a couple of times in our history.

    The case can be made that the President would have to campaign in all fifty states, rather than just the “swingers”, but I’m not sure if that’s going to change things all that much either.

    I, for one, kindof like the Electoral College. It’s quirky, and it keeps life interesting!

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