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Struggling to find much to say about any of the tabs that have built up over the past few days, so that means it’s just time to do a link dump.

There are pro-gun bills up in both Tennessee and Georgia. Also, in Florida, the threat of force bill is getting a floor vote. This is the bill that was mistakenly called the “warning shot” bill. Floridians also continue to approve of the Stand Your Ground law. Remember, Newtown totally changed the national conversation about guns.

The fight is back in Rhode Island, as they are talking about banning scary looking guns again.

Prince Law takes a look at the sanctions against Russia, and notes that the consequences are still up in the air. Also, the Hill is reporting on this as well. I think this is more “something to keep and eye on” rather than “you may now panic.”

Drake v. Jerijian is a case to watch, which challenges New Jersey’s de facto no-issue.

The City of Durango, CO is blackmailing a 100% NRA club to drop the requirement or lose its lease with the city. I think there might be some First Amendment issues going on there if the city can’t articulate a neutral reason why the club can’t require NRA membership. Bitter has written about this club previously.

Bob Owens has more on 80% lowers.

A 911 dispatchers view on weapons and self-defense.

Questioning whether Open Carry is the right tactic in every situation is beginning to feel like questioning whether Ron Paul was really the right candidate to carry libertarian ideas forward. For some the answer is always OC, or Ron Paul. For new readers, the official position of this blog on OC is best summed up in this post.

Russian troops using AR-10 rifles? They are not Spetsnaz, comrades. They are just armed enthusiasts for ethnic Russian speaking peoples!

Off topic:

Tam: Top. Men. “You don’t put the junior varsity in against the Strategic Rocket Forces.” I think the worst part of all this is when Putin is mocking Obama, I snicker and have to concede the point. Putin has Obama’s number. He knows what kind of chump he’s dealing with in the White House.

An article on food and energy inflation, courtesy of Instapundit. I can definitely attest that food and energy is a much much larger component of my budget than it was five years ago.


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  1. I have a liberal friend who takes solace in the idea that Putin is smart enough to know Obama et. al are full of empty bluster and thus *Putin* will have the sense to keep the “JV squad” from bumbling into war.

    See, Smart Diplomacy can work! We just have to assume our geopolitical rivals are more rational, inteligent, and sensible than out own leaders. Oh and that their interests lie within our own.

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