Bloomberg Body Guard Gets Seven Years for Attempted Murder

I guess it’s not just the Mayor’s Mayors that are illegal. Apparently Bloomberg’s armed bodyguards, some of the only folks that are legally allowed to be armed in New York City, are trying to get in on the game too.

Leopold McLean, 49, shot his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend outside her home in November 2010.

The shooting took place after the veteran NYPD officer had dropped off Mayor Bloomberg’s daughter Georgina at home after a Knicks game.

McLean spotted LePaul Gammons outside his girlfriend Assia Winfield’s Jamaica, Queens home.

He shot him twice in the buttocks and back using his service weapon as Gammons ran away .

Remember folks, neither your nor I are deemed responsible enough to tote a heater around the Big Apple. To the credit of judge and prosecutor, they didn’t just sweep this under the rug.

UPDATE: SayUncle: “Clearly, Virginia gun laws are to blame.”

8 thoughts on “Bloomberg Body Guard Gets Seven Years for Attempted Murder”

  1. Forget about the shooting, I’m trying to get past the fact that a city employee is getting paid (likely overtime) to chauffeur the daughter of another city employee around to social events.

    New York City has a $1.1 billion budget deficit you say? I think I see where they can shave a few thousand off that.

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