Obama’s Gun Numbers

They continue to decline. A Rasmussen poll released yesterday shows that only 37% of voters give him positive reviews, while 46% give him a poor rating. Also, the poll shows Republicans have the edge over Democrats when it comes to trust on the gun issue. But I thought gun control was popular?

4 thoughts on “Obama’s Gun Numbers”

  1. Looks like Obama’s Poll Numbers are sliding down to the 1/3 of most respondents who will always support the Liberal side of the Political Spectrum, the Left.

    Which means the so-called “Moderate Middle of the Roaders” MAY shift to the Republican Party in the Mid-Terms, and help them on the path to regaining the Senate.

    Unless the Stupid Party does it’s usual Idiocy and snatch Defeat out of the jaws of Victory.

    But I think Obama doesn’t care about Polls and Elections anymore. Just look at his Nominees and all the Scandals that are erupting on a daily Basis. He’s just going to push through his Socialist Utopia Policies as far as he can, and to Hell with the Polls.

    1. And to hell with his party. He really doesn’t care about the Dems as a brand or as an Organization, other than how they can further his own goals.

      Sure all politicians are like that, but most hide it better knowing that if they placate the machine things go better for them. But when you have your own cult of personality and when you’re less of a team player than the Clintons…

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