If Gun Control is So Popular …

… why is Obama’s approval rating dropping too? A dirty little secret might be that it’s really not. Take this polls being hawked around Pennsylvania by MAIG. Sure, it shows 95% support for background checks, because people don’t know what a private transfer is. But what they don’t mention is gun control is barely on people’s radar. When presented with a list of what issues are important to people, and told to choose two, the top four issues are the economy, federal budget deficit, health care, and taxes. Protecting children from crime and violence only came in at 15%, but even worse news for meddling Bloomberg is that fixing gun laws came in at a whopping 3%, which was dead last on the poll, behind abortion and same sex marriage. Even “gun violence prevention,” which sounds great, doesn’t it? Comes in at 8%, behind education at 11%. That’s not popular. Even if someone’s willing to tell a pollster they want background checks, they still want a growing economy and balanced budgets more. It is therefore not surprising voters are not approving on the late focus on a topic they don’t care about, at the expense of a topic they do care about.

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