Colorado Democrats: Out of Touch

They argue that the vast majority of Sheriffs in the State of Colorado are siding with criminals. These people need to be handed a severe beating in 2014. It definitely needs to be an all-hands-on-deck election. The Democratic Party has pretty clearly become out of the touch with the values of Colorado voters. They’ve become arrogant and entitled, and if they aren’t made to pay a price, this won’t be the end of it.

4 thoughts on “Colorado Democrats: Out of Touch”

  1. I think what surprises me the most is that even after it was pointed out that Democratic sheriffs oppose the law, the party has decided to leave up the tweet. Talk about an attack ad waiting to happen from GOP sheriff candidates. “Sheriff John Doe’s own party leadership says that he stands on the side of criminals…” in a nice ominous voice.

  2. The Democratic party in Colorado has totally abandoned rural/socially conservative types, I guess in hopes they can fire up their base to make up for the anger at what they’re doing. From passing “same day” registration for voting (so buses can bring in homeless people/college students to register and vote on election day) to passing bills that force more “green” energy use and promise to dramatically raise utility bills for all of us, but particularly hurt farms and small businesses … they are totally a hippy party. They’ve also cowtowed to the gay and illegal immigrant communities, though obviously those have broader support.

    I don’t know if we can take back both houses and the governorship but I think we can make them pay in a big way. I’d be surprised if we didn’t win back one house, and possibly both. It’s just the governorship is a tough nut to crack both because the jerk in place is well liked and there’s not a good GOP field to fight him.

  3. I hold no hope for the People’s Demokratik Republiks of Kollyvornia, New York, or New Joisey, but Colorado ought to be able o drive these cretins out of office.

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