Illinois Gun & Magazine Ban NOT Dead

Thirdpower is quite correct that the bills are not dead yet, and that another play could be made next until next Wednesday, while the Chicago machine twists arms to get votes. Reports from media sources and other gun blogs that this bill is defeated are just flat out wrong. A defeat only happens when a bill is voted down. This bill is still very much alive, and still very much a threat. Keep calling. Today just bought us time.

7 thoughts on “Illinois Gun & Magazine Ban NOT Dead”

  1. A defeat only happens when a bill is voted down.

    Well, in practice it can also happen when it languishes in committee for months and then ages out of the legislature… but that also isn’t the case here.

    (I suspect many more bad bills die that way than by being voted down.)

  2. This is very strange, since in every US legislature I’ve followed bills die at the end of a session. But I can’t say I’d be surprised by any sort of procedural strangeness in Illinois government.

  3. What does the next Illinois legislature look like in terms of pro/anti?

  4. The makeup is about the same, but a lot of gerrymandering happened so you’ve got districts that start in Chicago and run like a streamer to downstate.

    There has to be a Monte Python reference here….I’m not dead yet!

    Seriously, thanks to all for your support. The NRA and ISRA have been working hard to defeat these bills. Our phone calls, letters, and meetings can only go so far. I firmly believe we need powerful lobbyists to fight the Chicago machine.

  5. That seems to be the case anywhere.

    I’m glad to hear this attempt was met with the attention it got. Hopefully this is a model for putting an end to this stuff everywhere. New York State is going to be the next problem.

    The strategy by the anti groups seems to be to exhaust our resources putting out all the fires. However, if anything it’s already beginning to backfire in the sense that it is mobilizing way more people state-by-state every time it gets brought up, especially when done in a sneaky fashion in the 11th hour as this was.

    If you guys wouldn’t mind sharing the process you used to bring attention to this issue I’m sure we all could benefit if/when we have to do battle here in PA.

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