It’s Election Day!


It’s primary day in Pennsylvania for most municipal elections, and it’s a great day to vote. Here is a partial list of MAIG mayors who may be on the ballot this year. It was written before filing deadlines, so a few of those mayors may have decided to retire. However, most have not.

After today, results will be more official, so it’s a great time to contact opposition to those MAIG mayors with serious challengers. There’s no reason to wait until 2014 to send the gun grabbers a message.

**Please excuse the post with relatively little detail about key races. I meant to do a better post on this topic yesterday, but the afternoon was largely spent watching KFOR in Oklahoma City online and helping spread word related to the statewide storms. My hometown was under a tornado warning for hours yesterday with multiple rotation areas detected throughout the day. Yet, through social media, folks were trying to get word out that the tornado sirens weren’t working for some reason.

Watching the live coverage had multiple veteran reporters losing the battle of tears on camera. There aren’t many places in the country where reporters will put down the cameras and join in the urgent searches, and yet that appears to be what happened in several cases when citizens were stepping up in areas where first responders couldn’t get quickly enough.

2 thoughts on “It’s Election Day!”

  1. Primary Election Day, when the political parties conduct their private business of selecting candidates for November, on the taxpayers’ dimes. At least here in PA.

    I used to occasionally register with a party, to vote for some specific candidate in a primary, and then change back to “No Party” immediately afterward, but those few weeks of association always left me feeling so dirty I won’t do it anymore. And truth be told, I often decided later I shouldn’t have supported that candidate in the first place.

    I’m wondering if it will ever dawn on enough people that the political parties have become a fourth branch of the government, not defined anywhere in the constitution, yet overpowering the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches, which are defined. Funny, the way that happened.

  2. FWIW: it’s been reported that Mary Jo Smith, Monessen PA — Westmoreland County was defeated by Lou Mavrakias for the Democratic Primary. Not sure where he stands on gun issues though.

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