Prosecutorial Discretion in DC

Apparently they have heard of it, for people who aren’t David Gregory. Of course, the fact that this guy, who shot a Pitbull attacking a child, still has to face a fine is still a travesty. We’re dealing with a guy who has no record, who is an upstanding citizen that did the right thing. The gun was legally purchased in Virginia when he lived there. Gun rights in DC are only for the rich. I guess he’s gotten the message now.

7 thoughts on “Prosecutorial Discretion in DC”

  1. He got the message, “Thanks for saving a child’s life, now get out of town.”
    He’s moving to MD, which is slightly better?

  2. Should have moved to Virginia, which is better than Maryland in that regard.

  3. Speaking of David Gregory, am I the only one who thinks that the proposed march on DC might work better, politically, if the marchers were carrying the exact same magazine for which Gregory got a pass in lieu of rifles (which has a sort of Mussolini-esque march on Rome feel about it?)

    1. That march is not going to happen. It’s a stunt, there is no real planned March.

    1. Am I being too cynical if I suspect Kokesh deliberately got himself busted for resisting arrest, as a way to save face for the Open Carry Rally which he always knew was never going to happen?

      And tangentially, isn’t it a shame that beginning about 20 years ago, the media, and worst of all talk show hosts, began allowing anyone who wore a tinfoil helmet to claim the label “libertarian?”

      “Gun rights advocates” should perhaps take a lesson from that.

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