Suing D.C. to Get the Digs on David Gregory

Looks like Legal Insurrection (a legal blog) and Judicial Watch think there might be gold in them thar documents. If David Gregory hadn’t been a celebrity, he’d be in jail already. It’ll be interesting to see if the DC OC marchers will see such displays of prosecutorial discretion in their favor. Yeah, I don’t think so either.

2 thoughts on “Suing D.C. to Get the Digs on David Gregory”

  1. Take me all the way back to basics, which I fear I’ve missed: Suppose the prosecutor did use prosecutorial discretion, simply by saying “I choose not to prosecute Gregory — case closed.” What can be done about that LEGALLY?

    Or, are we just wishing that if we can show that there was something really, really flagrant about it, a whole lot more people are going to be outraged — as opposed to just us being really, REALLY outraged?

    Is this another example of us stamping our feet and insisting people CARE, when they don’t?

    1. All they have is video evidence of what was claimed to be a 30rd magazine. How do you prove it wasn’t a 10rd or a prop? We know they would prosecute a strong case either, but this one seems awfully weak.

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