Waterlogged AR-15


This doesn’t look pleasant. I’m glad I’ve never tried this.

Via The Firearms Blog

4 Responses to “Waterlogged AR-15”

  1. Wolfwood says:

    Future tests:
    H&H double rifle

  2. OrangeNeckInNY says:

    Geez. All that water in the barrel creating backpressure when the bullet was fired put so much pressure on the bolt that it blew it out. That and the water inside the gas tube also prevented the proper cycling of the bolt. I’d never do that to my weapon unless I tipped the gun forward so it dumps all the water from the barrel and gas tube before pulling the trigger.

  3. Kristopher says:

    Guns can be fired underwater if they are completely submerged … the water outside the barrel is just as difficult to compress as the water inside.

    If you keep both an M-4 and the HK rifles completely submerged, with just the flash-hider sticking out of the water, they can both be fired safely … they might not cycle reliably, but they can be shot.

  4. geekWithA.45 says:

    The manufacturers and US military agree!

    The illustrated procedure is pretty much guaranteed to blow up your gun.

    The manual of arms explicitly calls for draining the barrel by tipping it forward, and by withdrawing the chambered round halfway to break the suction.

    So…I’m not really sure what the video’s supposed to prove other than that the MOA has purpose behind it.