The Anti-Gun Bills in New Jersey

From ANJRPC, here are the bills that are currently up in the NJ Senate:

S2723(Throws out existing FID cards & replaces with driver license endorsement or other form of ID; suspends Second Amendment rights without proof of firearms training, including for all current handgun owners; imposes 7-day waiting period for handgun purchases; ends all private sales; effectively creates a registry of ammunition purchases and long gun sales; additional impacts).

S2178(fifty caliber ban)

S2485(Suspends Second Amendment rights based on a secret government list – no due process)

S2718(Requires NJ State Police to disclose confidential ATF data in violation of federal law)

S2492(Submits mental health records to NICS – no stated requirement of due process)

2719(License suspension and imprisonment of firearms dealers; vehicle forfeiture for traffickers)

S2468(Impounds vehicles for unlawful possession)

S2722(Reopens “assault” firearms compliance window for only 180 days; fails to allow compliance for prohibited magazines and ammunition)

S2720(Mandates public disclosure of total numbers of FID cards and handgun permits issued)

S2430(Establishes “violence” study commission; fails to include 2A community member on commission)

S2715 (Requires Dept. of Education to prepare anti-violence pamphlets)

S2724(Creates school security task force)

S2552(Protects gun owner identity from public disclosure)

S2725(Reduces penalty for airgun possession from second to third degree)

UPDATE: More here from the Star-Ledger.

5 thoughts on “The Anti-Gun Bills in New Jersey”

    1. It all depends on how much Chris Christie wants to run for national office. Christie’s veto might earn him some admiration among conservatives nationally but his signature on any but the most innocuous of these bills will kill any presidential ambitions.

      1. I rather doubt that he’s planning to run nationally as a Republican. That bridge is already in flames.

  1. Technically there’s always been a 7-day waiting period for handguns, but it currently starts the clock when you hand in your application for a Permit to Purchase.

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