Not Just New Jersey

Looks like the magazine ban is back in Illinois. You have to wonder about the sanity of these people. Concealed carry has been a complete non-issue in every other state that adopted it, and you’d think a court order would give the politicians cover from their supporters. “Well, you know, the courts made us do it.” I also don’t think these politicians are considering the benefits of being able to blame the Second Amendment for their own shortcomings. They should really have a chat with Philly politicians on that count.

But these things aren’t entirely rational. There’s an emotional aversion to empowering “those types of people,” you know.

3 thoughts on “Not Just New Jersey”

  1. They already do blame the 2nd Amendment for their own shortcomings. They blame Indiana for our “lax” gun laws.

  2. Allowing concealed carry, handguns, and an armed citizenry in Illinois would upset the balance between a law-enforcement & city establishment and the gangs. Am I too cynical to think that the law and Chicago officials are likely being bought off by the gangs?

    If so, then anything that upsets that cozy relationship is bad news for the two parties involved.

    Just a suspicion on my part, but given that the law in any city knows how to deal with gangs pretty effectively when it chooses to, you have to wonder why its such a Big Deal in Chi?

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