Starbucks Fight Round 3?

The gun control groups are already all over this story out of St. Petersburg Florida, where someone ND’d inside a local Starbucks. The anti-gun groups have twice tried to push Starbucks to change their policy, but Starbucks has maintained their policy of following state law on the matter. Regardless of that, however, I believe the mall is a gun free zone. I can find other evidence online that other malls owned by the same company are posted. I’m not sure what Florida law is on this matter, but it is not abundantly clear the gun was being carried legally yet.

UPDATE: Firearm not carried legally:

Beck does not have a concealed weapons permit, but says she never intended to carry the gun in the first place.

Of course, I agree with the reader who pasted this URL into the comments that it won’t matter to those who will try to get on this hobby horse and see how far it can be ridden.

6 thoughts on “Starbucks Fight Round 3?”

    1. Personally, I don’t heed those signs myself……

      A permit issued by the Commonwealth of PA should be good anywhere in PA…….

  1. It’s stupid shit like this that really gives us a bad name.

    Let’s hope the person who was carrying it wasn’t legal……

    1. That’ll teach me not to leave a page sit for an hour before replying to it….

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