Sorry About That

Apparently my “profile” at Verizon for my FiOS magically disappeared. I don’t know what they mean by “profile,” but I’m pretty sure, based on how this played out and on my end, and through my own troubleshooting, their routing protocols didn’t know where to direct my IP addresses. I’ve had that happen once before, about four years ago, when they upgraded my service speed and wiped all my static addresses. This time it just seemed to happen out of nowhere. At 14 hours, this was the longest outage I’ve ever had from Verizon FiOS in the eight years I’ve had it.

We will now return to our normally scheduled blogging.

3 thoughts on “Sorry About That”

  1. Wow, the worst experience I’ve had with Fios to date has been a slowdown in service which was cleared up by simply logging into online chat.

    Glad you’re back up and running.

    1. It’s generally been solid the whole time I’ve had it. I think the quality of their customer support has suffered. It’s a good thing it’s reliable, because when it has trouble, it usually takes them a long time to figure things out.

  2. If only one of your long time readers owned both an IT company that did web hosting and a firearms and prepping retail company that needs advertising and was willing to barter… ;-)

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