Misunderstanding Starbucks Appreciation

I wouldn’t say we’re cheering Starbucks, since we’re not really asking them to take our side. We really don’t want them to take any position on this issue. That’s all we ask. It’s the Brady folks who want them to make a statement. That’s why I’m a little worried that this AP article here seems to misconstrue the issue:

“They’re trying to change the culture with this broader notion of gun rights,” said Clyde Wilcox, a Georgetown University government professor who has written a book on the politics of gun control. “I think they are pressing the notion that they’ve got a rout going, so why not just get what they can while they’re ahead?”

We never tried to drag Starbuck into the gun debate. It was the gun control advocates who did that. All we want is for Starbucks to continue its current policy. We might be trying to change the culture on gun rights, but Starbucks was never intended to be a part of that. It’s the gun control folks who smelled an opportunity here, not us.

4 thoughts on “Misunderstanding Starbucks Appreciation”

  1. I have to agree with Breda the best way to express appreciation is to write to corporate. Sure go to Starbucks but don’t engage with the staff about 2 A issues. They are not there for that.

  2. This article cracks me up…Does the author of this article really think that the genius who shot and killed the 4 Washington State Police officers really gave a crap whether a suburban coffeeshop had a “open carry” policy? Do they really think that if the coffeeshop had “banned” handguns, that they guy would have really turned around and left? Are you kidding me? I really don’t know why that was mentioned in this article, but it has nothing to do with LEGAL Carrying of a gun. These media types really are the ones with infantile thinkin…

  3. Mr. Wilcox is a tad generous with his “the culture”. The culture is mostly people who don’t really have an opinion on other people’s guns, and couldn’t care less what anyone else does, so long as it’s legal.

    And Adam? Last night I read a transcript from the opening arguments in the McDonald case, and one Justice of the Supreme Court didn’t seem to understand that Chicago’s nation-leading murder rates occurred during the same time as their prize-winning disarmament law. So yes, if disarmament is your faith, all the sinners are the same.

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