Still Setting Records

John Richardson notes that this is the 35th record setting month when it comes to NICS transactions. Kevin Baker takes on the notion of declining gun ownership. I think what you’ve seen, in terms of polling, is that fewer people are willing to answer whether there’s a gun in the home. Years ago, it was nothing to be ashamed about, however now many people feel differently, or don’t want to answer because it’s just not anyone else’s business. There’s just no way, with all the anecdotal evidence we have, we’re not increasing actual ownership.

4 thoughts on “Still Setting Records”

  1. I stop in Targetmaster in Chadds Ford often. Currently the classes they offer are a minimum wait of 4 months. So I e mailed the instructor and he gives me the follow answer.
    “my classes are now expanded to 30 people, and 50% are now woman. The men all might own a rifle or shotgun at home, but pistol sales and training are all new pistol shooters wanting personal protection skills.”

    My neighbor is a perfect example. He only has a 12 gauge trap shotgun. He says he doesn’t own any guns. I say, how about the shotgun, he says, that’s only for trap. He doesn’t think of it as a gun. Weird huh?

  2. There’s also the increase in waiting time / backlog for getting a carry permit.

    Indiana, for example, went from 6 weeks or so to 14 weeks from application to pink card.

    You could be generous and say that this mass increase in people wanting to carry guns doesn’t represent new gun owners, but instead is exsiting owners that want to carry in larger numbers.

    Not much anti comfort there.

  3. Gun ownership is dropping, when children are suspended from government schools for pencils and pop tarts. Where hundreds of got”ya felony laws requiring no criminal intent to destroy you and your families life for having a gun for protection can trap you. Where 24/7 media call you, your friends and our military a bunch of murdering gun nut insurrectionists. Where identity theft takes less and less personal information. Where the poll on gun use is a cold call from who, and how do I know you are who you say you are, gun thief or fed trying to trap me? Ring, ring, ring Hello why sure I’ll be very happy to tell you mr complete stranger how many nukular veapons I have collected at the flea market. Hahahaha.

  4. Interesting. 14 weeks in Indiana? Im going on 18 weeks now. I find it interesting there is NO accountability with those that provide these services at my expense – YES, I paid for this service. The surge in applicants is no surprise at all. The applications have been going up exponetially for some time with little to convince me that trend will reverse – but yet, the Indiana State Police simply tells us to be patient!? They need to apply more manpower to the backlog and get these things to us in a more acceptable time frame – and this coming from a “Pro-Police”, son of a lifetime public servant father – a police officer!!

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