Dummy Me

My New Hampshire carry license expires at the end of the month.   I put it in my pocket as a reminder to renew it.   It’s one of those things, the license is superfluous now, since Pennsylvania and New Hampshire have reciprocity, and there’s no other state that New Hampshire gets me that Florida doesn’t already.   So there’s no real need to renew New Hampshire.  But hey, it’s 20 bucks so why not.   Slip it into the pocket this morning so I would remember.

Except I went to get it, and it was gone.   I seem to have lost the damned thing.  The even bigger problem is there’s a good chance it lost it at work.  I’m really hoping I lost it on the lunch break, but I’m not really too sure where it happened, I just know that sometime between before lunch, and when I left work, I no longer could locate my New Hampshire license.

Big fear?  Someone at work will find my license, which has my name, address, and vitals (but thank God not social #) on it, and will freak out and wonder why their IT manager has a “Pistol and Revolver License” from New Hampshire of all places.  I guess now I’m not going to renew now though :)   Either way, you’d be surprised by how many people in this area, because we’re so close to the Garden State, and employ so many people from there (they call it the Garden State because what do you need for a good garden?  Lots of fertilizer.  Their politicians supply it in abundance.) think it’s just a license to possess rather than carry.

The last thing I want is to get a call into the HR droid’s office tomorrow and get questioned why I have a gun license.   I might be entirely too tempted to say “None of your fucking business.”, which could get interesting.  Fortunatly, they’d be utterly screwed without me, but HR droids tend to not care too much about matters beyond keeping the company from being sued, or keeping the blame deflected off them if something is amiss.

I need to be more careful in the future.

2 thoughts on “Dummy Me”

  1. “he last thing I want is to get a call into the HR droid’s office tomorrow and get questioned why I have a gun license.”
    Say:”Thats none of your business, I came here to negotiate a higher salary.” You know you want to. Besides, I lost all respect for the corporate world when humans became a resource.
    Caveat: Don’t carry at work for a while.

  2. Don’t feel too bad. Last year I let mine expire by a month. When I went to renew it took me almost 6 months to get a new one. Georgia had some new confussing laws,plus some really dumb Probate court Judges to boot.

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