Jeff Flake Stays with Us

With media rumors going around that Jeff Flake was going to switch his vote and support gun control, he is speaking out on the issue:

It was reported by some media outlets today that I am changing my vote on Manchin-Toomey, and that I am somehow linking this vote to a vote on the internet sales tax.

Neither is true. I am not changing my vote on Manchin-Toomey (I voted against it). I voted against the internet sales tax as well. There is no connection between these two votes.

Arizona gun owners should definitely let his office know that they appreciate his stance. (h/t Great Satan, Inc.)

11 thoughts on “Jeff Flake Stays with Us”

  1. Yeah, and Toomey was opening lying about not working on a deal the Trader Joe.

    1. Actually, that was Toomey’s staff that was lying. They were directly lying, and that’s a problem. But, it wasn’t through any outlet that was directly attributed to Toomey himself. The fact that this is framed as coming directly from Flake, in my opinion, makes this a far more solid statement.

  2. Politicians lie, and you cannot trust them further than you can throw them.

    That Flake’s given a statement that is so clear and declarative does show that if he will flip flop he’s not comfortable admiting it. Which shows he has an idea of how toxic it is.

    My guess is that Flake doesn’t want to deal with another vote on this and he’s doing the calculus on what he can say to make the issue go away. That he’s having to say “Of course I’m not going to vote for T-M” is informative.

    Which is why it’s important for Arizona gunnies to keep at him. Because the other side won’t let up.

  3. I dunno. Sen. Flake used to be super-tea-party Rep. Flake, and he has continued to impress.

  4. I wouldn’t be so skeptical. More likely gun control proponents have been floating these stories in the media about Ayotte and Flake in an attempt to give the impression there is momentum, and that the tide is changing. We saw a lot of this heading up to the vote on gun control, where some source would leak they had so-and-so, and then so-and-so ended up voting with us in the end.

    1. It may be more wild speculation as Flake voted with Coburn, et al on the Motion to Proceed that got so many gunnies’ pants in a twist (quite unnecessarily).

    2. True. But as you say, there’s no need to get complacent. And as both you and Bitter recommend letting his office know is always handy.

  5. I wasn’t particularly worried about Flake. I get letters back from him after all before and after this whole mess and he’s as pro-gun as any of us.

    I called him after the vote to thank him. Then I chided McCain’s staffer.

  6. Anyone remember how Joe Biden was short by “only two votes” in the Senate the day before the vote when Gabby Giffords came to town? How come no one ever took him to task on that? I really do wonder if the WH runs a wholesale lying business on the side.

    I could pull up a dozen other articles where the anti-gun senators keep saying “we’re really close here”. Only to hear nothing for days or (in the specific case of the vote) lose.

    Ayotte shouldn’t even be a consideration. Has anyone bothered reading the UNH poll that complete puts the PPP poll to shame? Flake has said some silly things about his own poll numbers, but that in and of itself may show the futility of tying every vote to a polling number. The only polling number that counts is on Election Day, and there is no indication any pro-gun senator will take a hit.

  7. I’m not worried about Flake taking my guns. I’w worried about illegal aliens (McCain and Flakes buddies) taking my guns.

  8. Thanks out to you Jeff Flake for supporting gun rights! The CNN broadcast of the Sandy Hook parent who lost a child was wrong, wrong,wrong!We all feel for the families that lost love ones at Sandy Hook, we cannot undo something like this. I remember her words going to your office, ” I want Jeff to see the pain in my eyes”. YES we all feel your pain, will that bring back loved ones? I feel so bad what happened at Sandy Hook, all Americans do, no matter how you feel about gun control. The total problem is violence in America, doesn’t matter if its with a gun, pressure cooker or automobile. Americans need to stop the violence. We can do that by STIFFER penalties for crimes committed. THANK YOU AGAIN JEFF FOR SUPPORTING GUN RIGHTS AND THE CONSTITUTION.

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