Visit to Cam & Company HQ

Long and rainy trip down to Virginia tonight.  After I arrived here, Bitter and I drove over to Alexandria and paid a visit to the set of Cam & Company tonight while the show was airing, and got to sit in the control room while Lars worked his magic.  Talked with Cam and the guys at NRA News a bit about the Second Amendment Blog Bash, hosted along side the NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville, which is now up to more than twenty confirmed bloggers in attendance.  Cam said he mentioned the blog on the air today.  I’ve heard him mention me a few times, but it always seems I get mentioned when I’m not listening.  Either way, I definitely appreciate the promotion.

2 Responses to “Visit to Cam & Company HQ”

  1. Ian Argent says:

    That drive always seems much longer in the rain.. At least most of the highways have functional reflective “cookies” unlike in NJ…

  2. Mopar says:

    I sure miss listening to Cam. It was perfect for me when he was on at 3pm my time. I get out of work around that time and could listen to him on the short drive home and then online in the house. Show would be over and done by the time my wife came home and turned on the TV.
    Now, at 9pm I’m usually climbing into bed just as he’s coming on. Even though I often stay up awhile longer on the laptop, I have the sound off so as not to disturb the missus.