NRA Annual Meeting Stats

Here are the stats for NRA Annual meeting 2013 in Houston:

  • New memberships and upgrades: $1,340,107. This is an 86% increase over last year. Wow.
  • NRA Store Sales: $672,762, which is a 54% increase over last year.
  • Foundation Banquet: $511,761. Largest ever.
  • ILA Dinner: $800,000+, New record.
  • Women’s Leadership Forum: $1.2 million. Largest ever.
  • And total attendance? 86,228. That’s 12,488 more than the previous record of 73,740. Wow.

And this from some fringe, irrelevant organization that only represents the gun manufacturers.

UPDATE: The Civil Rights Defense Fund announced that the NRA National Firearms Law Seminar had a record 221 attendees as well.

4 Responses to “NRA Annual Meeting Stats”

  1. TS says:

    And total attendance? 86,228. That’s 12,488 more than the previous record of 73,740.

    Wow indeed. That must be from all those pissed of NRA members who came down to give the NRA leadership a piece of their mind for squashing Manchin-Toomey, huh?

    • aerodawg says:

      86,228…that’s a little over 30k more than the Bradys have on their email list isn’t it?

  2. Cormac says:

    Imagine what would would happen if we got even MORE irrelevanter!

  3. Weer'd Beard says:

    Also did you notice the demographics of this convention?

    Women and minorities were in good representation this year. I remember in years past you’d see plenty of people who weren’t white males, but not necessarily at any time and any location.

    Seems every time I looked I would see whole families, and non-whites, all having a great time!


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