Bad Signs for the 2015 NRA Convention in Nashville?

I was looking for the annual misogynistic media column this year (haven’t found it yet), and I came across a media story about the 2015 NRA annual meeting that is scheduled for Nashville.

The convention center has already booked future events with 150 groups, including some big names like the National Rifle Association, which will bring up to 40,000 people to Nashville in 2015.

Um. Nashville, please contact NRA organizers pronto. I doubt NRA has cited the “up to 40,000” number since there hasn’t been a convention that small since I started attending these things in 2004.

With the record setting crowds that have come to Louisville and St. Louis topping 60-70,000 people, it seems a little absurd that Nashville would see such a significant drop off being close to many of the same attendees as those other cities.

This is annoying because it seems to be said with a purpose of belittling our influence and interest as gun owners. The press can now report that Nashville is expecting NRA member interest to drop by more than 40% based on predicted convention numbers, and I haven’t seen any indication that’s the truth.

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  1. Convention officials estimate new shows in new areas using a standard model that includes the number, size and type of business booths, etc. Unless they have direct experience with the show, they go average. So the convention people estimate the draw based on the averages of other shows, not necessarily the exact show in question. I learned this from my brother-in-law, who consults nationwide on this stuff.

    The NRA shows (gun shows, in general) have an above-average draw. But right now (two years out) the convention authority is probably just touting the numbers they develop from averages (small booths have a lower density draw, etc.). As they get closer, they will create a more customized number based on the promoter, show and past performance. Those numbers are fed into a model for local hotels and service providers (drayage, shipping, mail, everything) so they can accommodate the crowd. It is a tightly crafted operations because if they screw up the numbers then they under-serve the show and end up killing chances for the next promoter. It’s schizo (I have seen it first hand when by in-law drags me around with him for the fun shows).

    So, long story short: this means nothing. It’s not a personal slight. It’s just the first aim on a long shot – windage adjustments will come as they get closer.

    My in-law has never seen a convention authority fudge numbers down. They were once accused of the exact opposite – and have since been more careful because of past inaccuracies.

  2. I don’t think the media is to blame for this statement. The way it reads, it sounds as though the false figure is coming from the convention staff.

  3. I live two blocks from Nashville’s still-under-construction billion dollar convention center that spans 4 city blocks, and has a grass rooftop for outdoor concerts. 60,000-70,000 will be easily accommodated here. Our media and city government is far more liberal than our state government. I look forward to being able to walk to the convention, and agree that it will be just as big or bigger than in the past.

  4. Didn’t know it was going to be in Nashville in 2015. An hour up the HWY means I’m going!

  5. Well I did see a female reporter from Bloomberg News in the Media Room….

    You may get that misogynystic column in time. Who knows, maybe she’ll play it straight!

  6. Nashville spent a BILLION dollars to build that convention center. The NRA convention is the first big show, and the folks in charge want to look good. What’s better, saying 40k will show up and it’s 60k? Or saying 70k and having 60k show up?

    Btw, the convention center folks lobbied HARD against restaurant carry and park carry, saying that they wouldn’t be able to attract conventions because “people won’t feel safe.” I’ll be SHOCKED if carry is allowed in the convention center.

    Also: party at my house :-D

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