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Sorry for the Tax Day silence yesterday. We figured you could all use a break to either a) file at the last minute, or b) drink away your sorrows at just how much you owe. Of course, when you realize how much you pay in alcohol taxes, it may be enough to make you start brewing your own beer.

I’m doing a little research on a historical gun I photographed at the meeting, but I did want to share these random photos from the Nashville NRA Annual Meeting that I thought were mildly interesting, but not quite enough to support an entire post.

The first item is the visual right across from the Mom Demand Action from Illegal Mayors in Everytown. Sebastian & I had to do a double take when we saw the faded painted brick on this building that was part of the backdrop for their press conference. See if you catch what we noticed.

Lipscomb Guns & Iron

Somehow this just seemed so terrible fitting to have at the Nashville convention. I almost wanted one as a souvenir.

Guitar Gun Case

Finally, I love the North-South Skirmish Association‘s booth each year. This year’s highlight was this set up from the only all-women’s mortar team in last year’s competition. According to the gentleman we spoke with, the women on the team compete in full women’s costumes and they placed 8th out of 63 teams.


I really need to get Sebastian down to their annual event in Virginia. I mean how can you miss this?

Member units compete in live-fire matches with original or authentic reproduction Civil War period muskets, carbines, breech loading rifles, revolvers, mortars and cannons.

They compete with cannons and mortars! Seriously, it’s a pretty fun event to just watch. The competitors really look like they have a good time.

7 thoughts on “More NRA Convention Notes”

  1. I really need to start competing at a NSSA event, or any event for that matter.

  2. I’ve attended a NSSA encampment at Winchester.
    There is nothing like watching AND hearing 12-lb Napoleon cannons firing at bulls-eyes.

    1. One of the guys manning the booth said that a gentleman came by thinking they were fakes and picked one up. He got quite the surprise to find out how heavy they were! :)

  3. I don’t compete with it, but I do have a black powder mortar. They are fun to shoot, and it won’t break the bank to do it recreationally: Mine takes an ounce of Fg to heave a 1 lb projectile over 300 yards. Generally, I use 15 ounce green bean cans half full of cement for a projectile, because they fly relatively consistently (nose first like a giant shotgun slug), and are dirt cheap to make.

    Plus, instead of a *BANG*, they go off with a satisfying *BOOM* you can feel in your chest.

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