The Media Will Have a Field Day With This

So just my luck to fly into Intercontinental in Houston just as some jackass decided to involve everyone in is drama, and committed suicide-by-cop at the security checkpoint the next terminal over. From the sounds of it, our intrepid loser went into the terminal, pulled out an AR, fired off a few random shots, probably to ensure some return fire, then pulled out another gun and shot himself.

Folks, if you’re going to off yourself, and aren’t sure you have the guts, please consider getting some help before forcing some poor cop to do the job for you. Also, involving an entire airport of people in your problems is just rude, to say the least.

Given the fact that NRA is in town, I’m sure the media is going to be on the “Pin this on NRA” narrative like stink on shit.

13 thoughts on “The Media Will Have a Field Day With This”

  1. Initial reporting via social media is saying that either a federal air marshal or a plainclothes Houston PD officer also engaged the suspect.

    If the guy is white with an NRA card in his wallet we’ll never hear the end of it.

    If the guy is not white, is a registered Democrat, and the armed security played a role in taking him out the story will die.

    1. Scott,

      One of the alluring temptations of being suicidal, I reckon. No need to “plan ahead”.

  2. If this was from a fictional novel, I’d suggest he was a brainwashed patsy, programmed to “take one for the team”.

    1. You know, Sean, you absolutely read my mind. It would not surprise me in the least to see Bloomberg-enabled “kamikaze” fighters!

      1. Heh. What’s one dead body when compared to the Glory of The Regime?

        Surely if this is true, this peasant has earned favor on the other side of death with the gods of progress. Or not.
        (Damn! Where’s those 72 Virgin Democrat chicks I was promised? I’s been bamboozled!)

  3. What this story suggests to me is that the presence of armed “good guys” enhances our security.

    1. My immediate thought. He saw a “good guy” with a gun and decided to end it. The bad guy is supposedly from a town close to where I live but I don’t trust early reports. TS

  4. I am in Texas, and this was a nothing event. He was just a sad, depressed man. (His identity and social media info have been publicly shared at this point.) This had nothing to do with the convention and isn’t even being connected to it. I don’t understand why you would try to promote a connection by posting this last night. Saying “the media will have a field day” just fosters the very trend you are trying to decry. Tragically, people commit suicide every day in the world.

    1. Eh, if you had MSNBC or CNN on yesterday they were breathlessly running with the story.

      Now that we know (1) the AR-15 was not actually used, (2) the perp was not white (doesn’t matter to me, but matters a lot to the media for The Narrative), (3) it wasn’t linked in any obvious way to the NRA convention, and (4) the perp folded and committed suicide the moment he was confronted by armed security the media will let the story die.

      I stand by my earlier comment: if this had been a tragedy instigated by a white guy with an NRA card in his wallet we would have heard about it for a week or more.

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