Roundup of Reactions

I’ll start off with Joe, who reflects pretty much how I feel:

Yes. It was shameful that so many people put so much effort into attempting to infringe upon a specific enumerated right. This forced millions of other people to put their own effort into stopping that attempt. The entire country, especially the politicians, had important other things to do and we had to take time out to fight the statist scum.

I’ve wasted a lot of time outside the blog fighting this. I’ll keep up the fight for as long as necessary, but I honestly have better things to do with my time. Thanks, Mr. President, you asshole.

Jacob notes the anti-gun meltdown. Their tears are sweet.

Investors Business Daily: Exploiting the Families of Sandy Hook Victims Backfires.

Instapundit: Anger has always been their hallmark. Also: “This sort of politics may be emotionally satisfying to Obama’s base, but Obama’s base wasn’t big enough to pass the bill.”

Robb: A brief respite. They will be back, you can count on it.

Tam: “Team Gun Control is positively frothing on Facebook. If I had a car that ran on hippie tears, I’d be set for years.”

SayUncle points to another sad clown.

Dave Hardy has some headlines, notes an amusing Christian Science Monitor headline from three days ago. Also, “But no, the antigunners couldn’t win, even going for a very small victory and paying a very big price, and with the media cheering section in full play and the Executive applying every tool it had. (For those not experienced in DC, that includes private offers of big grants and pork to legislators, and denial of favors to those who oppose).

Krauthammer thinks the emotional blackmail didn’t help their case.

Miguel is feeling the love, and notes Obama is a sore loser.

The responses of the increasingly irrelevant old-line gun prohibitionists.

Obama and OFA already planning for round two. One thing we can all be proud of is that we’ve shown we can beat Obama’s machine.

7 thoughts on “Roundup of Reactions”

  1. “If I had a car that ran on hippie tears, I’d be set for years.” ROTFLMAO!!! LOVE IT!

  2. “One thing we can all be proud of is that we’ve shown we can beat Obama’s machine.”

    You know me, I’m seldom an optimist (because I think optimism can be deadly) but I’d like to state things more broadly: I think we are seeing some indications that as a culture, we are increasingly succeeding at rejecting authoritarians of both the left and the right. This time we scored against Obama and the left; let’s keep the spirit for all authoritarian schemes.

  3. I’ve already noticed (yesterday) the Approved Source Facebook Meme reactions, complaining that “Background Checks” got shot down in the Senate.

    Because we didn’t already have millions of those a year, right? And now they’re going away? Because “Background Checks” got defeated.

    They literally don’t know what they’re talking about half the time.

  4. Ahhh it feels so good to have beaten them. Especially after it looked like certain defeat with us with Toomer and CCRKBA.

    But yes, Don’t Get Cocky. They will be back. We need to focus on 2014. We need to roundly reject those who voted against us. That will be the statement.

  5. I said months ago that I wanted to crush them, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentations of…someone. Of course the fight’s not over, and this may yet be a pyrrhic victory for us, but damn it feels good to be a gangster.

  6. The blood dancers reached out their greedy paws, and drew back bloody stumps.

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