Pelosi on Gun Control

It’s inevitable, according to her:

“It’s a matter of time,” Pelosi said Thursday during a press briefing in the Capitol. “It might be inconceivable to the NRA that this might happen; it’s inevitable to us.”

As soon as they have the next pretext, they will be back standing on the graves of the dead. You can count on that. And next time, they might not make the same mistakes. We have to be vigilant.

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  1. It would see to me that at least for the next 3.5 years, if not longer depending on the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election, we must be vigilant as Sebastian has noted.

    This means writing letters from time to time to Senators/Reps that entirely support our 2A cause and reprimanding those that don’t. Volunteering time on campaigns, donating money to various candidates or organizations, etc….and most, MOST importantly turning out to VOTE…!

    We should be a constant humming Pro-2A movement…and not only running to the “All-hands-on-deck” mode when our Constitutional Freedoms are threatened.

    I know this may sound tiresome and might wear some people out being on “yellow” or “orange” mode constantly. Think about it as if being in the Army/Navy/Coast Guard reserves as being shape and ready politically.

    Let’s not the money of Bloomberg’s MAIG and the drones of OFA, overtake our Constitutional 2A freedoms.

    1. I’m sure as heck on board with that. I want the other restrictions removed. They’ve shown the endgame and it’s been all bad faith on their end.

  2. The timing of it will be interesting. If they lose the senate in 2014 because of this, nothing substantial is likely to happen for another decade. This was their absolute best shot.

    A senator was shot, and they said nothing for fear that The One(tm) would hurt his re-election chances. Same thing for Aurora. Then he won his second term, which they viewed as carte blanche to do whatever they wanted without fear of repercussion at the ballot box.

    The only way anything substantial can happen at the federal level at this point is if the Dems win back the house in 2014. With what they just tried to do, I just don’t see that happening. If they don’t there will be very little chance of anything passing in the next four years. They waved the bloody shirts and stood on the graves of over 20 young children, and they STILL could not get anything passed. Whoever runs for the Dems’ 2016 job will be very cagey about their gun control views, just like The One was. And just like him, were they to win, they would have to remain non-committal until winning a second term. That’s a lot of ifs and a long ways away.

    We have to remain eternally vigilant, given that our adversaries want to eliminate our culture. Our job will never be finished. We will never be out of the woods. The fat lady will never sing for us. It is why we need to remain fit, nimble, and frosty!

      1. This distrust of the voting apparatus comes from both sides. Greg Palast was writing, back in 2007, that Bush was going to somehow rig the voting machines built by Diebold, which is a HUGE republican backer, or somehow make himself president for life. I’ve seen the same arguments about The One(tm). The same arguments were made about Scott Walker here in Wisconsin, and how he supposedly stole the recall election. Both parties can’t rig the elections in their favor. It simply does not compute.

        1. Sure they can, it just means neither group is innocent :)

          I highly dislike the electronic voting machines. The ones in my local area do not give you a receipt so there’s no way for you to independently verify if an issue came up. The volunteers look at you like you’re crazy when you ask, too. As though no computer has ever been hacked.

          Fact is the distrust has been sown for decades now and we’re seeing the fruits of it.

          I’m talking about this group specifically, though. They’ve been playing some nasty, nasty politics and don’t deserve any doubt forgiven.

        2. Greg Palast was writing, back in 2007, that Bush was going to somehow rig the voting machines built by Diebold, which is a HUGE republican backer, or somehow make himself president for life.

          And we shouldn’t write Palast off as a nutcase for what reason?

    1. I think your point about 2014 really stands. We have to have a near total victory, especially in states like Colorado. We need to win back the Senate. Or at least maintain the status quo. They cannot have any sense of victory in 2014. If they don’t, we’ll have a couple years of peace.

  3. What if its all by designed. What if they wanted this to fail all along. That’s why they poisoned the well early. And made sure they took a tough vote – to appease the base – but were also careful not to tweak the bill to ensure it passed (ie: why vote on Toomey-Manchin prior to the Barrasso Privacy Amendment that just passed).

    What they have orchestrated is a perfect vehicle to maintain a defense of their Senate majority – the most at risk Senators can run as being the last stand against Obama and the gun banners. They can take credit – and not be attacked – meanwhile the Dems and Bloomberg will not only beef up their campaign war chests but will go nuclear on any Republican Challengers and accusing in other more moderate states where the politics may not be so clear cut (I’m thinking Colorado, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Virginia, Michigan) as well as Maine where Susan Collins is going to be heavily attacked in the S. Population center 45 minutes outside of Boston for being a Republican even though she voted for the bill.

    At the end of the day, they simply just need to maintain control of the Senate – keeping 5 seats. This vote went a long way to helping maintain 4 of those most at risk seats and defend the other shakier ones.

    BTW, you mentioned Udall in NM yesterday. Don’t read too much into his big win last time. That came on the heals of the massive 2006 Wave election – where Bush, Republicans, and the Iraq war were at the height of their unpopularity – and was part of the Obama election Hope Change tailcoats.

    At the same time, the fairly electable Heather Wilson lost a hard fought primary to the very right wing Steve Pearce who ran on a platform of right to life issues, running immigrants out of the country, and his proud opposition to the Childrens Health Insurance Program (which, was a precursor of Obamacare to come, but its generally unwise politics to be against helping kids). He wasn’t the most savy statewide politician.

    If anything, the trends that proppelled the Democrats to power in 2006 will be back in play in 2014 – its the mid term election in a presidents 2nd term. The Republicans should have this one down easily. But they have real problems with the base getting greedy and too far in front of general election low intelligence voters.

    1. What if its all by designed. What if they wanted this to fail all along. That’s why they poisoned the well early. And made sure they took a tough vote – to appease the base – but were also careful not to tweak the bill to ensure it passed (ie: why vote on Toomey-Manchin prior to the Barrasso Privacy Amendment that just passed).

      And to drive this point home, Barasso’s Amendment which would actully make it a real crime for there to be a database or release of this information passes – and now perhaps the Bill might be closer to what Obama claimed it was yesterday and therefore have a better chance at overall passage – and what does Harry Reid do??? He pulls the bill entirely.

      They never wanted this to pass.

      1. I think it was a mix.

        If it passes: Yay!

        If it doesn’t: Appease the base an insulate from election consequences. Either way, blame the NRA and win.

        Personally, anyone that even considered this bill should be out. Take no chances. Remove them all.

      1. Because they will never stop. Many of them personally and passionately believe in total disarmament. It’s kind of hard to logically discuss anything about the 2A with someone like that. For crying out loud, in the past few months, I read way too many articles that STILL talk about the 2A as a militia-based right, even after the Heller and McDonald decisions. Talk about denial.

          1. this

            Ans provide cover for immigration (and the risk that the Senate Republicans go along and propose something that might pass – which could take an issue away from Democrats).

    2. I think you may underestimate our base a little as well. I genuinely think they thought this was their best chance to get something passed. For crying out loud, they could use the deaths of over 20 young white children, and the grief of their parents, to shame us into following their lead. It simply did not work. I think they thought their OFA machine was unbeatable. They just got beat, badly.

      In addition, by overpromising what they could do at the federal level, I think they might have done enough to turn CO back red again. Those folks are not in a good mood. They have lost a lot of hunting and manufacturing business because of it. Even NY is pissed. I just don’t see it working well. What is Bloomberg going to do, run more of those foolish gun-control ads leading up to 2014? I sure hope he does. I think he and his MAIG group may become persona non-grata in the next cycle. I could be wrong, but I also thought we were going to lose big.

      I had never written any of my legislators before. I wrote three letters and even made some calls. I think the Dems poked a beehive that they couldn’t handle.

  4. As soon as they have the next pretext, they will be back standing on the graves of the dead.

    Graves? Since when have they had the decency to wait for their sacrifices to be buried? Blood-dancing is most effective when the blood is still wet, after all, and it’s the only truly potent weapon that they have.

  5. we should be thanking God that we had Biden prove he is an idiot. Then we need to thank God Feinstein came forward with her ban bill for the 10th time. Then we need to thank God Cuomo pushed his stupid law through NY. We need to thank God that the sheriffs of Colorado are on our side. Add to that Bloomberg not keeping his nanny mouth shut and trying to fund it all by himself.

    I am not sure their ego’s can help themselves. They might do all this over again. Not sure they won’t make similar mistakes.
    But I will fight them everyday. My rights are not negotiable.

  6. Pelosi is 73, Feinstein is 79, Schumer is among the youngest at 64, Lautenberg is retiring this year, Hughes is retired, Obama and Biden are out in ’16.

    The folks who are personally invested in old school gun control, the ones with their names on legislation, and are not crazy McKinney types, are aging out. They want to see their legacies, part of which are based on gun control, secure and will fight until they win, or accept defeat and retire gracefully (like Lautenberg).

    If we can make 2014 painful enough, and the Supremes continue to roll back the extremes of gun control, we will be facing a different political field. The new wave of lefty Cory Bookers and such are pragmatists and will mouth gun control platitudes and angle for Bloomy money, but crass opportunists are better than ideologues to deal with.

    If we can continue the slow expansion of Gun Culture 2.0 and 3.0 (Urban locovores and DIY-ers buying hunting licenses? They don’t have a bolt action history to unlearn, sell ’em semi-autos!) we will have a critical mass of politically moderate modern gun owners that view guns neutral/positive across ages and locales.

    It’s a lot easier to baby step loosening existing regs in that environment than in the current one with politically moderate but neutral/negative non-gun owners in the “Blue” states and urban areas.

      1. Blumenthal is still 68, same generation. Does he have legislation with his name on it yet to stand or die for?

        If he sees this failure, and party punishment in ’14, and particularly if there is roll back in Connecticut, will he want to tie himself to the “extreme gun control” sinking ship in his career twilight or pick a new area to make his name?

        Murphy is young, but new, same situation, if the issue starts looking like a loser back home and in ’14 will he want to push it on the national stage and wear it around his neck the rest of his career?

        I can see the pragmatists looking for more joint bills to try to appease the base, if we can make them okay, like a Kopel-corrected Manchin-Toomey II, they may choose to sign on and declare victory.

        It all comes down to whether they are true believers and how much of Bloomy’s money they will want (and will be available after ’14 if that turns into another loser for him).

  7. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome. And when they do it again it will be done in the same way. As our opponents are not only extremely violent some actually are insane.

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