Gun Sales Brisk in Central PA

This may turn out to be Obama’s great accomplishment in his first 100 days:

Pochron said he sold twice as many guns Saturday as he normally sells in a weekend. Everything from $250 Taurus .38 Special revolvers to $1,600 AR-15 rifles sold, he said.

In contrast, war memorabilia was moving a little more slowly than usual, vendors said.

I could have paid that much for a pre-ban AR in 2000.  I actually hoping the market cools down a bit so I can actually start finding guns and ammo again for something near a reasonable price.  Obama doesn’t have to tax guns and ammo, we’re driving the price up just fine on our own.

2 thoughts on “Gun Sales Brisk in Central PA”

  1. Maybe Obama is far more clever than we ever thought possible and that was his plan along—if the gun community drives the prices up, he won’t have to ban them or tax them out of existence haha

  2. I saw, at my gun store, a S&W Model 10 and in not particularly good shape either. The asking price was around $500 give or take a few dollars. The counter guy told me their sales, just since the election, was up 700%.

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