Gun Control By Executive Order

The Administration is saying executive orders on gun policy will be coming any day now. It’ll be very interesting to see what they are. Keep in mind that Obama has the ability to ban Glocks, XDs, SiGs and any of the multitude of handguns that come into this country by fiat. My opinion is that he will not go this far, since it will a) likely bring forth a constitutional challenge in the courts, and b) fire up our base. I’m expecting something modest, that the majority of gun owners won’t notice, but that will still piss us off, and force us into trying to undo it. We shall see.

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  1. Well, there are many independent and democrat gun owners, too. And Obama is surely aware of the potential fallout that would come if he ordered the banning of importation of some of the most popular guns in use today.

  2. I posted this (in part) elsewhere this morning. I apologize for having time on my hands. :-)

    My first reaction of course was, “Uh-Oh.”

    What is interesting to reflect on here is the timing. I’m scared, but I’d be a lot more scared if this news arrived on say, January 21, 2013, after Obama is re-elected — which the Republicans seem to be working overtime to assure will happen.

    Obama is not that dumb. With the next election barely more than a year away, now is not the time to extra-PO gun owners. Does Obama perhaps reason that he is not going to get a single gun owner’s vote anyway, so who cares if we get POed? But he also must know that even for people who give lip-service to supporting gun control, and think they mean it, gun control is not a huge vote-getter compared to other issues, while if nothing else, pissing us off will result in more money going into Republican coffers. So he would appear to have nothing to gain from this, at this time.

    Maybe this is going to be a test. I’m thinking he may order some “reforms” that in fact are not going to PO most “responsible” gun owners (read, most bird hunters and Fudds) all that much, and may even please the NRA — though of course they will cobble up enough outrage to satisfy their partisan patrons and handlers. Then when Obama sees how some very “moderate” reforms flush, he will know what to do about bigger things in 2013. Or, should lightning strike, his Republican replacement will know.

  3. My guess is something obscure– like 922r compliance changes or ban imports from Russia. This will chip away at the edges, and affect only Saiga or SKS owners. The results will satisfy the leftist base, and only PO what they perceive as few gun owners.

    Remember how we never got the Chinese SKS’s back onto the market after the Clinton ban?

  4. Along with the 922r compliance changes and import bans, the Obama regime might also tighten the “sporting purposes” standards on shotguns, all so that tactical shotguns could then be reclassified as NFA “destructive devices.” Then Mossberg, Kel-Tec, and the other US gun makers would have to stop making their EBS products – evil black shotguns.

  5. Glocks are made in GA and SiGs in NH. I think that both import parts though and may import some models. Don’t know about XDs.

  6. Do not underestimate Obama here.

    What has he said or done in the past that shows he will be skillful or subtle with the gun control my Executive Order?

    Healthcare reform? Nah, skillful and subtle there….as a panzer division crashing through a bamboo thicket.

    The way he’s smoothly handling the debt limit debate? Yeah, subtly throwing a televised temper tantrum.

    Do not think, for a second, that Obama will be “smart” or “smooth” or “subtle” about this.

    He’s not been smart, smooth or subtle about any thing so far.

  7. Ronnie:

    That reclassification would also make millions of gun owners criminals. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an import reclassification, but if they are ruled DD’s that falls into the category I described above about constitutional challenges and firing our people up. It’s possible, and I’m sure he’d like to do it, but it’s playing with fire, and would be stupid for Obama.


    Glocks are imported into this country with sights that make it compliant with the point system. When they get here, they are knocked off and replaced with fixed sights. You don’t see the .380 Glock here because of the point system. I can’t speak for SIGs. XDs are made in Croatia.

  8. @ Sebastian: Oh, I’m sure that if the Obama-run BATFE decides that pistol-grip-only shotguns, like my Mossberg 500A “cruiser” edition, or that new and funky Kel-Tec KSG, or those shotguns configured as “bullpup” models, are all now actually “destructive devices” instead of shotguns, just because they are all mostly black in color and “scary” looking, they will then announce some lengthy “amnesty” program which will mandate that all such “destructive devices” be surrendered to them or whatever. The whole point of the amnesty period will be to get as many Americans to voluntarily disarm themselves as possible.

  9. If Obama bans Glocks here, and to get around it they open up manufacturing shop in South Carolina – will they finally build 1911’s?? :-)

  10. Nothing so exciting.

    We are looking at some NICS updates: specifically a requirement that states report those adjudicated mentally dangerous (currently voluntary); the inclusion of several categories of domestic violence as prohibited acts; and if they are brave, a classification of non-adjudicated mental illnesses that will not survive constitutional challenge.

    Sporting use will be a new emphasis, though it is going to have a hard time surviving challenge unless the trade begins overseas.

    The administration would be wise to not test the “common use” elements of Heller. So that means I hope they will do just that.

  11. Chirol: It’s not a factory … they do some assembly and test firing in Georgia. All the stuff is made in Austria.

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