SCOTUS Denies Cert on Kachalsky

Story here. There can be a lot of tea leaf reading in this, but there are a multitude of reasons the Supreme Court can decline cert on a case. Nonetheless, let us hope the reason is not that there’s not agreement on the Court that carry is a right, and that it means something.

3 thoughts on “SCOTUS Denies Cert on Kachalsky”

  1. Lots of possible explanations for this, but I’m still surprised and disappointed.

    The 2d Circuit opinion was written by a Republican (Judge Wesley). I could see some of the conservative Justices not wanting to overturn him.

    There really isn’t a Circuit split yet. The 2d, 4th, and 7th Circuit rulings on concealed carry don’t explicitly conflict.

    Maybe Adam Winkler was right, and some Justices didn’t want to rule on guns when the issue is in the spotlight.

    Who knows. I hate New York!!

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