Monday News Dump

The late Toomey-Manchin compromise has meant that tab clearing has taken a back seat. Some of this stuff may be a bit dated, but I’ll try to weed that out as I go. But here’s all the news that’s fit (or maybe not fit) to link.

Happy tax day. Remember that today might be tax day, but you’re still working for Uncle Sam until Wednesday.

Bill Maher thinks the Second Amendment is bullshit. Because issues that revolve around the ability to defend your life and freedom are not serious issues, worthy of any serious debate.

Chicago v. Houston, the crime numbers.

New Yorkers better not have ten rounds in a magazine today. From now on it’s seven.

Us vs. Them, and Part II. And to think some of them wonder why politicians pay more attention to us than them.

Remember, Pennsylvania … Pat Toomey didn’t actually load the soldiers into the trojan horse. He just built it.

Real men don’t need eyebrows.

Two of the big four TV networks are considering quitting broadcasting. Good riddance. I actually think TV has been terrible for politics in this country, and those frequencies can be put to more productive use anyway. Interesting that newspapers also seem to be headed down the crapper.

Looks like the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show has been saved, and those weasels at Reed Exhibitions are no longer involved.

The Truth About Gun Buybacks. Good thing the Toomey-Manchin Amendment would make buybacks illegal then, I guess. Why? Because it’s illegal to transfer a gun to a law enforcement officer without going through an FFL.

Joe Biden says that if you’re not a hunter, you’re not a real gun owner.

Obama’s approval on guns is underwater. 52% disapprove of his handling on guns. Maybe this will indeed cost the Democrats the Senate.

Why hunters are boycotting Colorado.

North Korean Army gun safety. I particularly love the dogs chewing the face of the South Korean defense minister they taped onto a dummy. Speaking of hilarious moments in bad gun handling, this takes the cake.

On training and rights. For all the hewing and hawing about training, I’ve never noticed that states that don’t require training have higher incidences of accidents attributable to poor training at any higher rate than states which require it.

Don’t kill a bear in self-defense in Massachusetts.

We have yet another false flag group, much like American Hunting and Shooting Association from a few years back.

The mass stabber in Houston would seem to have had some mental problems.

We continue to make advances on other fronts while the antis aren’t looking.

6 Responses to “Monday News Dump”

  1. Ian Argent says:

    If I were running any company that broadcast ANYTHING I’d get out while the getting is good. The writing is on the wall for any commercial operation that is not (essentially) a cell-phone company. The appetite of americans for over-the-air bandwidth is evidently insatiable, and the government is already making noises about “spectrum adjustments” that will have the effect of putting more and better spectrum into the hands of CellCos and squeezing the independent broadcasters. And this is (not coincidentally) happening at the same time that broadcasters are losing audience. The broadcasters are predictably shouting tyrannosauric defiance at the incoming asteroids; but that article gives me hope that are some mammals in the C-level offices.

  2. Guav says:

    Hopefully any home invaders will be be intimidated by my pre-ban 30rd mag and not realize I have only 7 rounds in it.

  3. Rob Crawford says:

    Bill Maher thinks the Second Amendment is bullshit.

    What the 2nd thinks of Maher is unprintable.

  4. Sigivald says:

    On the President’s approval on guns, let’s not get too cocky.

    I drilled into the actual poll, and it simply asked for approve/disapprove of the President’s “handling” of guns.

    Which means that “no” equally includes “he’s a gun-grabbing assholed!” and “he should have been pushing for bans!”; we can’t tell how much disapproval is “not far enough” rather than “too far”.

    That’s the problem with “approve/disapprove” polls, always.

    • Come on folks…you’re all mis-reading this. I hate to say it, but half ofthat was coming from liberals who were upset of the photo of President Obama shooting a shotgun.


  5. “Why? Because it’s illegal to transfer a gun to a law enforcement officer without going through an FFL.”

    Just curious…does this mean if police arrest someone. It’s now illegal for law enforcement to seize their guns. (I mean, why not, NY made it illegal for them to carry more than 7 rounds in a magazine.)

    I wouldn’t put it past poor legislation to make such illegal. Let’s pass it and then we’ll decide how it infringes.