OFA Flooding the Senate Phone Lines

At least, OFA wants to flood the phone lines of all of the senators in order to push the gun control bill on Tuesday. The question is, will gun owners also being calling Senate offices tomorrow to make sure that Senate staff don’t just hear the anti-gun views?

Remember that if you cannot get through on their DC phone numbers, there’s always a district office (or seven, as is the case here) to call.

I suggest calling again because we need to show strength. OFA has been advertising that they will be the ones to overcome the grassroots power of the NRA, and we need to show them that gun owners will unite to fight gun control. Not to mention, we have no idea what damage could end up happening to any prospective pro-gun amendments with the promises made by Alan Gottlieb long before any votes happen.

UPDATE: OFA has decided to postpone their day of making phone calls. Interestingly, Toomey also selected tomorrow as a day to move offices so his phone lines would be down. Presumably that was already scheduled, but the timing of it sure would leave activists on either side of the issue wondering if it was intentional.

9 Responses to “OFA Flooding the Senate Phone Lines”

  1. Adam Z says:

    Will be calling Toomey today…not matter if he is made up his mind or not!

  2. P.M. says:

    Cert denied in Kachalsky. I guess they are going to do this as incrementally as possible (they want a “no issue” case before a “may issue” case), or wait for an absolutely undeniable split of authority — e.g., if IL Supreme Court upholds the total carry ban Seventh circuit struck down.

    They may also have thought this isn’t the right political climate to take a major carry case.

    Still disappointed in SCOTUS, which you would think would want to police lower court defiance of its decisions more closely.

  3. Joethefatman™ (@joethefatman1) says:

    Called Sen’s Cruz and Cornyn’s offices again today. I will call them again tomorrow.

  4. Sean says:

    Information overload. The advice I’m hearing is no longer actionable.

    Should I listen to the guys with tinfoil hats sitting on a pallet of MREs?

    Should I sit tight and trust GOA? Maybe letting this pass as-is will passify the antis, and we can get back to normal life again.

    • Arizona Rifleman says:

      Regardless of what happens, the antis *won’t* be pacified. They have been pushing for bills like this for years (decades, even) as a stepping stone for even more restrictions.

      If they get this bill to pass they will have some momentum, so they’ll be emboldened.

      People should urge their Senators to consider and support meaningful, effective action that will actually result in less violent crime (e.g. ending the War on [some] Drugs thus cutting off the violent cartels, drug traffickers, and gangs. Improving the lives of people and communities plagued by poverty, drugs, and gangs will go a long way toward reducing violence.) rather than meaningless, unenforceable legislation that focuses on law-abiding gun owners.

  5. Shawn says:

    McCain has already made up his mind and is going to vote for it. I am going to make sure his staffers know I will never vote for him again.

  6. ZCORR says:

    So how useless is my voice if my Senators are Schumer and Gillibrand?

    • RP says:

      Bob Casey will vote for any gun control Obama tells him to, but I still get satisfaction from telling him what I think of him.