Canadian Ad Agency Behind AR-15 Ads

I think bans on Little Red Riding Hood, Dodgeball and Kinder Eggs are just as repugnant to a free society as banning AR-15s. Freedom is a difficult concept for a lot of people. Especially these days, it seems. This “Mom’s Demand Action” is a new group. You can read more about them here. It’s interesting that their Facebook Page already has more followers than the Brady Campaign. I think we’re going to see some old enemies die off, and some new ones come about in this current political struggle.

UPDATE: According to Thirdpower, they are a rehash. Speaking of rehashes, I think the Brady folks are planning to change their name again. “Voices Against Violence” anyone? It wouldn’t surprise me. I suggested back in 2009 they were making some pretty awful branding decisions. It ought to be noted that Bloomberg has avoided that mistake.

15 thoughts on “Canadian Ad Agency Behind AR-15 Ads”

  1. This is the group formerly known as ‘one million moms for gun control’ that was getting national press less than a week after their formation and whose ‘grassroots’ found just happened to have connections in NYC.

  2. Is there any chance the trail starts at Gracie Mansion and then goes through Canada?

    The ads look to be decently high budget. That screams Bloomberg.

  3. The Canadian Left and some well-funded Canadian ad-agencies were a big part of the #Occupy “ground-breaking” in NYC at Zuccotti Park, and they supported the AstroTurf with fly-in protestors elsewhere. There was a big scandal up there a year or so ago with the Liberal Party giving huge sums of money to some favored ad-agencies to support certain Liberal Party goals – and a bunch of the money got siphoned as is wont… Like California!

  4. Kinder Eggs and dodgeball are banned in some schools, so no one should be allowed to have an AR-15 in their home. Who can argue with that logic?

    1. These people simply can’t make an apples for apples comparison. One version of Little Red Riding Hood is banned in two school districts- in the whole country! Imagine if only one manufacture of AR-15s can’t be carried into just two school districts…

  5. Yeah, this is One Million Moms. I attended their rally at our state capital a few months back in my NRA hat. They were congratulating themselves on a nice, new, easier to remember name. Hah.

  6. “Moms Demand Action” sounds to me more like a low-budget porn movie title than a real organization.

    I have encountered these screaming banshees up close and personal in CT. As noted, they were originally the Million Mom March or some stupid sh*t like that.

    Bord and under-sexed housewives and divorcees who pine for their younger years when they were “happier”. Tedious and predictable.

    1. I’m against all five. I surmise that you are for: 4) Make gun trafficking a federal crime with serious criminal penalties.
      “Gun trafficking” already is a federal crime with serious criminal penalties. It is called straw purchasing and it is both under prosecuted and misused. Google or Yahoo search “gun trafficking laws”. TS

    2. Here’s the one that really makes my head hurt:

      Report the sale of large quantities of ammunition to the ATF, and ban online sales of ammunition.

      Are IDPA shooters and preppers really out there committing crimes and causing mayhem in the streets? The thugs responsible for the vast majority of violent crime aren’t ordering spam cans of 7.62x54r on sgammo.

    1. Completely missing the fact that the rifle represented is an M4, noting the barrel length and the presence of an auto sear (read: it’s a machinegun, and probably a post-sample at that).

  7. This ad was not done by a small ad agency in Canada looking for work.
    Grey Group Canada’s parent company address is 5th Avenue, New York, NY. Grey is known world-wide for its brand recognition and advertising on behalf of its clients.
    This is a serious effort to get recognized and probably will not end with a single ad buy. Think of something like the critters on the tail of Frontier Airline’s planes and the accompanying TV, radio, and print spots … that was Grey.
    Grey has a long list of better known clients.

    1. Grey? I remember that name from the time I worked at an ad agency… let me check something…

      Yep. They’re Procter and Gamble’s primary agency. They might be susceptible to pressure via P&G; P&G is so bad-PR shy they’ve declined to defend themselves on more than one occasion.

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