Manchin Knows Who’s Buttering the Gun Control Bread

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4 Responses to “Manchin Knows Who’s Buttering the Gun Control Bread”

  1. Greg says:

    Hope all of you in WV now understand how you were played. Your sen shot his rifle at the obamacare bill, it might as well have been the Bill of Rights. Never ever go full retard, never ever vote dem. That if you believe in your rights.

    • Sebastian says:

      I agree! I punched the R ticket for Senator in 2010, and it’s working out swell!

      • RP says:

        To be fair, while no politician is trustworthy, Democrats are even less trustworthy than Republicans on gun rights. Bob Casey sold us out way worse than Toomey did.

        • Sebastian says:

          I agree, I’m just making the point that just because there’s an R after the name doesn’t mean they won’t go soft when the heat gets turned up.