FOP Backing Holder?

This makes me wonder what they were promised by the Administration in return for their support. Remember that a big component of FOP support for the Clinton Assault Weapons ban was because the crime bill that it was attached to contained funding to hire a hundred thousand more police officers. The FOP has been on our side more lately, but like other unions, it’s a mistake to believe their leadership can’t be bought. They certainly can be bought.

13 thoughts on “FOP Backing Holder?”

  1. In LEO circles, FOP stands for “F*ck Other Police”, This support of holder is f*cking every cop who works along the border.

  2. Over 150 Police Officers in Mexico and the United States have been murdered with “Fast and Felonious” guns that were gunwalked over the border by the ATF and Justice Department. Its hard to believe that the FOP would get stink on their boots by associating with this bunch, what can their pay off with tax payer money be that they would turn their backs on their murdered comrades in uniform; they must be part of the SEIU or Teamsters gangster unions.

  3. Why should cops put up with the Fraternal Order of Police? Senior citizens who are fed up with AARP now have an alternative with AMAC. Why not a police officers’ alternative to FOP? These days it could be organized over the Internet, and advertising could be done in various ways.

  4. All government employee unions must be banned, as they are a conflict of interest to the public at large. This is just another example of these public employee unions total disregard for the citizenry that they are supposed to serve. These union goons choose to support criminal politicians like holder, and vice versa, simply for the graft. You can take any oath these jerks swore and toss it in the trash by simply just waving a little cash under their noses.

  5. I am a recently retired California PO. My Department’s association was affiliated with PORAC, which I detested due to it’s support and drum-beating for leftists and left-wing causes. I refused to join their retiree organization (for the group insurance) and signed-up with their competitor (a FOP affiliate). Looks like all these groups are the same. Hold your nose and choose one.

  6. You’re actually right on with the assault weapons bill analogy, because Obama already bought the FOP with his “Jobs Bill.”

    Obama’s “jobs” bill give hundreds of millions in block grants directly to bankrupt states (read “CALIFORNIA”) to keep paying police salaries and pensions, and ties the hands of states afterwards. The funniest part of Obama’s jobs bill is that if a bankrupt state takes block grant money to pay for police salaries, they are actually prohibited from cutting their spending for three years thereafter. Yup, Obama’s payback to the unions is to force YOU to pay California’s union contracts, then bind California to the same spending policies that are driving them straight into bankruptcy.

    Obama has already put his down payment in for the FOP in 2012. They’re just scratching his back a bit.

  7. Wasn’t it Shakespeare who advised “When the revolution comes, kill the lawyers first”? This advice doesn’t help us with the police. Where do the police stand? In Wisconsin, Governor Walker didn’t strip protective services, firefighters and police officers, of their collective bargaining rights because he feared the lawlessness that would come with a police strike. The police there were on the side of the union-liberal-socialist protesters. How will we know if we can trust the police, or which ones to trust?

    1. The FOP has received their last donation from me. Let ’em hustle their bucks from Oblahblah and his Chicago mob.

  8. Before going off half cocked I would like to know exactly what the FOP is supporting the AG on. If it is blanket support for that twitt I will be bringing it up at the next State Board meeting because support him is pure BS.

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