Glenn Reynolds on Toomey-Manchin Deal

While sarcastically noting that this will play well with his base:

Toomey seems to think he’s there to get things done. As a Republican in the current Senate, his chief role is to stop bad things from happening.

Yes. Toomey’s problem is that he is more afraid of Bloomberg’s ads than he is of us. The people who would be motivated by Bloomberg’s ads will never vote for Pat Toomey. And how big is that number? A few dozen showed up for an Ed Rendell headlining protest in the heart of Philadelphia. A few dozen. Those aren’t votes that are up for Toomey to grab, and the rest of the voters don’t care about gun control.

There are no votes Toomey is going to pick up by embracing gun control, even if it’s gun control lite, and with a few bones thrown at us for good measure. But there are an awful lot of votes to be lost. Toomey might learn that the hard way.

9 Responses to “Glenn Reynolds on Toomey-Manchin Deal”

  1. jbiros says:

    Has anyone seen a link to the actual wording in this bill?
    It could be far worse than we think.

    I think at the least it infringes on 2nd Amend, and violates HIPPA too, but that is just going from internet info…

  2. BigHayden says:

    I’m in NJ and I plan on throwing a few bucks to whoever challenges Toomey in the primaries in 2016 out of principal.

  3. LC Scotty says:

    Landrieu voted yes to move forward-it’s on cspan2 right now.

  4. LC Scotty says:

    I suppose if you were interested enough to read a play by play here, you’d prolly just watch it your ownself, so I’ll stop…

  5. Adam Z says:

    I’ve been listening/watching…so far I have counted Casey (D), CORKER, Landrieu (D), Heller, McCain, Baucus (D), Ayoette (Spelling?), Hagan (D).

    ITS OFFICIAL 68-31….! CRAP!

  6. Patrick H says:

    As I was talking with Bitter on Twitter, I’ve heard that the past month it has been 5-1 phonecalls in support of it. If true, she mentioned that it was probably Bloomberg astroturfing like in Colorado. However, I’m guessing in the past two days, its been 10-1 if not more against.

  7. A Texam says:

    “I’m in NJ and I plan on throwing a few bucks to whoever challenges Toomey in the primaries in 2016 out of principal.”

    I’m in TX and I WILL throw $ to anyone opposing Toomey. If he survives the primary, I’ll support his Rat opponent. He MUST be punished for conspiring to commit treason and failing to uphold his oath of office. Screw Toomey and the rest of his fellow travelers.

  8. raybiker73 says:

    I voted for Arlen Toomey, and that’s a shame I’ll have to live with… but it’s a mistake I will NOT make twice.