Mass Stabbing in Texas

Looks like quite a number of injuries with people having to be airlifted. I’m going to bet this will recede from the news cycle rather quickly. There will also not be the ritual grabbing onto the event by political opportunists looking to turn other people’s grief into their own political advantage. No families of this tragedy will get a ride on Air Force One. Their grief and loss can’t be used for emotional blackmail to settle a political score. It will drive no narrative to advance the Bloomberg/Obama agenda. The victims of this won’t matter, because the weapon was not a gun. That will, of course, be of little comfort to those victims and their families.

11 Responses to “Mass Stabbing in Texas”

  1. Granny Grunch says:

    The attack will be: See…See…..a knife was used….no gunshots and NO Deaths (yet)……..Of course the fact that one person with one lil ol handgun could have stopped the knife wielder in his/her tracks will be ignored…

  2. Jake says:

    There will also not be the ritual grabbing onto the event by political opportunists looking to turn other people’s grief into their own political advantage.

    But only because it’s still too early for them to push for knife control. After all, we still have all those horrible, evil guns to get rid of, first. [/sarc]

  3. Phillip says:

    I am waiting on the calls for ‘common sense’ knife control. Must reduce knife violence! No one needs a high capacity kitchen knife when a paring knife will do!

  4. Andrew says:

    First line of reasoning of every anti-gun commentary on this (if there are any and it isn’t simply ignored) will be “if it had been a gun, it would have been much worse.” By pointing to the increased lethality of firearms, they’ll avoid the mental illness issue, the unpredictability of evil issue, and the “can’t protect everyone all the time, especially when you render them helpless in a gun free zone” issue.

  5. RAh says:

    I heard it was done with an exacto knife. Since that is a popular tool I don’t think it will prompt a call for control. If it was a 12 inch knife then there would be a call for controls

    • Matt says:

      No, it is a “highly concealable, razor sharp Saturday day hobby special” knife that need to be banned as too sharp, too small and too easy to carry in a pocket and hide in the hand. Why do we allow copycat scalpels on the street when they should only be used by licensed practioners or we need people to buy safer, less injurious knives for hobby use. It is “for the children”, after all, if they can’t cut their fingers easily building model planes or cars.

  6. John A says:

    Early report –
    “Gilliland said the attacker is believed to have had some type of knife or a pencil, but authorities could not immediately confirm the weapon used.”

    A pencik… Or a ball-point pen?

  7. Richard says:

    I will bet that some TV “news” story has a graphic of a gun in the background.

  8. Matthew Carberry says:

    Well people injured with guns are tormented in their psyche and bodies forever. Whereas people injured with knives are utterly scar free in mind and body afterwards.

    That’s why knife attacks aren’t as bad.

    Or something.

  9. Ish says:

    Per the Lone Star “Weapons on Premises” policy, available by digging through their website:

    “It is the policy of this System to prohibit the carrying of firearms, knives and clubs onto any of the System’s facilities. The possession of firearms, illegal knives and prohibited knives on System facilities including parking areas and publicly accessed facilities is a violation of criminal law and Board policies. This prohibition includes licensed concealed handguns except* as otherwise allowed by state law.”

    *[In other words, off- or on-duty police as the ‘only ones.’ -ISH]”

    That worked out well, didn’t it?

  10. Thomas says:

    That’s not too far from me and I’m just now hearing about it from an out of state blogger :/ I knew about the shooting there within 10min of it happening.