Pushing Irrelevance

Why is it that anti-gun folks love pushing bills in response to tragedy that would in no way shape or form have even remotely prevented it? Latest from Nebraska:

The NRA is urging its members to fight a bill in the legislature that calls for, among other things, mandatory trigger locks. The NRA is convinced this latest gun control plan would have a “drastic effect” on law-abiding gun owners.

But Action Three News has learned that victims of the Von Maur massacre, some who lived, some who’s relatives died, are ready to fight for the bill.

The trigger locks would be required on any gun, rifle, or assault weapon. In addition once gun owners know a weapon is lost or stolen, they’d have 48 hours to report it. Finally no one found mentally ill in the last 10 years could buy a gun.

Do these people really think a trigger lock would have stopped this guy? And what kind of “assault weapons” is not also a gun or rifle? This is the usual panel of gun control being pushed by the anti-gun groups everywhere else. In this case, exploiting people who are mourning the loss of loved ones promoting a political agenda, that wouldn’t have prevented their tragedy. The shooter in the Von Maur shooting was already prohibited from owning a firearm by existing laws.

UPDATE Joe’s Crabby Shack, which is a local Nebraska gun blog, has a lot more detail about this.

6 Responses to “Pushing Irrelevance”

  1. VariableFeedback says:

    I always wonder what motivates some people to work so vigorously to limit some other persons rights. At least with campaign finance reform as an example, it protected the incumbents, but how does gun control benefit those who are lobbying for it? Unless these people are doing it only for personal political gain.

  2. K-Romulus says:

    Not to be left out now that HE is a mayor: as reported this AM on, Nutter has vowed that Phila will start enforcing its own gun laws as soon as they get passed by city council this term – four were introduced yesterday at the new councis first meeting of the year. It is reported that this is part of a “legal strategy” by the city to get a new case in front of the new(?) PA supreme court.

  3. Carl in Chicago says:

    [waving arms frantically] “But we just HAVE to do SOMETHING!!”

    Where the hell is strict scrutiny when we need it?

  4. Joe Merchant says:

    That part of LB958 is not the danger to we NE gunowners. The bill does not require the use of trigger locks, just that retail sellers provide them.

    The big threat is the formation of a “Gun Violence Commission.”

    Based on the legislatively set panelists, there is no pro-gun voice. For example, of the two mayors that are set on the panel, one was a leading anti-gun state senator and the other is a member of Bloomberg’s gun group. Whatever they recommend will be fast-tracked toward law.

    The rest of the bill is actually OK. Increased gun education, 5 years for guns used in felonies…. Some is iffy. 48 hour reporting requirement for stolen guns, trigger locks, 10-year disqualifier on mental issues.

    There are several Freedom Fiends attending today’s hearing. Look for updates at Joe’s Crabby Shack.

  5. Joe Merchant says:

    The KMTV report is sadly spreading… So, I posted the break down of the bill that I did for Nebraska Concealed Carry. It’s up at

  6. BobG says:

    It’s easier and cheaper to pass anti gun laws than to solve crime problems.