New Anti-Gun Divide & Conquer Strategy

Bloomberg has a new ad out semi-praising Sen. Pat Toomey based on the media reports that he’s working to push their gun control bill in the Senate. They present a new message that struck a cord for a number of reasons.

Interestingly, MAIG is trying to claim that the current federal bill just makes Pennsylvania’s language into federal law. That, of course, is bullsh*t.

While Pennsylvania law does require handgun sales to go through a dealer for a background check & does restrict some loans of handguns, Sebastian & I are not be felons for loaning guns to carry between one another. That’s what the federal bill does. This is a legitimate issue for us–and presumably other gun owning couples–since, at times, he has opted to carry my Sig (lawfully, since we both have licenses to carry) because it has a smaller profile than his Glock. He has also, at times, wanted to take off his jacket without open carrying, so he has given me his Glock to carry in my purse. If the current federal language were the law, we would both be in prison.

It’s interesting that this ad announcement comes today. Yesterday, a commenter on the Facebook page started trying to convince people that the federal bill would just make Pennsylvania laws the law of the land and that gun owners should just trust Joe Manchin to give them a bill we will all like. He tried to make it sound like there was no need to call Sen. Toomey to oppose his potential support the actual federal bill on the table.

I commented to Sebastian that it sounded like a gun control advocate who was not identifying himself as such. He didn’t think I should make that assumption, but something about this guy’s messaging that would discourage gun owners from getting engaged just seemed out of place for me. Typically, the lazy gun owners who don’t care about their rights don’t make the effort to even argue for being lazy. For me, the assumption was pretty much sealed when he took made the argument back to those who argued against him that the federal bill, based on a reading of actual language, that they essentially were advocating to undo the entire Pennsylvania law. (Since that’s not even on the table, there was just no need to feed the trolling. He was trying to derail a discussion of actual federal language.)

Anyway, with this new ad that has this commenter’s exact same Pennsylvania-themed message, I decided to Google his name. Turns out that he’s a co-founder of a new anti-gun group in his city that is promoting MAIG-funded efforts in Pennsylvania. Of course, he never disclosed such affiliations when he was trying to tell gun owners to cool off their activism. Isn’t that just convenient?

I do find it interesting that Bloomberg’s allies are now trying to infiltrate pro-gun groups online in an effort to convince gun owners that there’s nothing to worry about and no reason at all to call lawmakers. I think they are tired of the fact that we’re not just going down quietly.

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  1. jbiros says:

    Nice work,and good instincts!
    Anyone that tells us to back off at this point is suspect.
    I have always thought Sen.Toomey was solidly pro 2nd Amendment,and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt till I hear what what is actually going on.If he compromises we need a primary challenger who is solid 2nd Amendment advocate.

    by the way reports of confiscation in New York, even though they said it wouldn’t happen.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      Isn’t it odd that the press doesn’t bother to contact Toomey’s office for comment on those stories? Almost like they know they’d get a denial…

      • Bitter says:

        That’s not accurate. They have made mention of contacting his office for comment, and they noted that his office will neither confirm nor deny the rumors. That’s why the speculation is so strong, and that’s why gun owners need to be calling. He’s not distancing himself from the onerous federal bill, and he may well be working to pass it. That’s, obviously, a big problem.

        I won’t condemn him because we don’t know anything. As Cam Edwards mentioned on yesterday’s NRA News, media also reported that Sen. Tom Coburn was heavy into talks and they would certainly have a deal in days, then that was weeks ago and nothing came of it. So, you never really know how much is true from mainstream media. However, it’s not off the table that he is working with them, for many of the reasons outlined in the articles–fundamentally that Toomey is running again in a blue state during a presidential election year.

      • Rob Crawford says:

        I was wrong — they have called him, and gotten a mealy-mouthed response.

  2. NUGUN Blog says:

    I am so !@#$% sick of this…I really am.

    I swear, I may be darn ready to egg the hell out of Senator Toomey’s office…

    We voted for him for a reason, the only !@#$% Democrats that voted for him, are blue dog gun owning democrats.

    If he bows, I will be so pissed.

    • Opie says:

      Did you honestly expect anything different?? The man is a politician. That means he is a sociopath with no moral principles. It has been that way on planet earth for as long as politicians have existed. Welcome to reality.

    • Bitter says:

      I think your anger is misplaced at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I will also be angry if Toomey votes against us. However, if you’re blaming Toomey for MAIG’s effort to turn him against us, you’re only helping MAIG. They want gun owners to turn against Toomey. That way they can point to the “fact” that gun owners have already abandoned him, so there’s no point in remaining pro-gun. Not to mention, they know there are plenty of gun owners with short attention spans who will suddenly see an anti-gun commercial that seemingly praises Toomey and who will hold their grudge without looking at the final outcome until Election Day. That’s a win for them if they convince those people to stay home or vote against Toomey.

      Personally, I think that Toomey issuing a statement isn’t a wise idea at the moment. Nothing but the most bold language will calm down those who are angry by MAIG’s messaging, and the most bold messaging will put a giant target on his back in the next election he will be running in a blue state during a presidential run. I’m fine with Toomey not doing a thing. I don’t need him to put out a statement that makes me feel better, nor do I want him working with the other side. That’s why it’s important to call his office and remind them, but don’t get pissy if he doesn’t go the extra mile to calm anyone down.

      At this point, your ire should be directed at MAIG. And, hey, York County has 6 MAIG mayors up this year. Most don’t have competition, but there’s still some time to help any write-in campaigns for the other side. In fact, 4 are Republicans who probably have no idea that they recently “signed,” courtesy of Bloomberg, a demand for a federal ban on semi-automatic rifles. A meeting with the county or local GOP leaders may help reduce MAIG’s local count. If anger motivates you, that’s a great motivator right there. :) Shoot me an email if you want some strategy ideas.

      • RP says:

        Shoot me an email if you want some strategy ideas.

        That reminds me of something I once wanted to suggest via email, but am too lazy to do. Your “Gun Club Activism” post a few weeks ago was a terrific article. I know political analysis is your bread and butter, but I really like the posts promoting activism too. Keep ’em coming!

        • Bitter says:

          Heh, thank you. Those are usually some of our least popular posts since few people want to take the time to organize. However, I’m glad that you liked it, and I hope it gave a little inspiration. If you ever have any suggestions along those lines, please feel free to shoot an email over.

  3. NUGUN Blog says:

    And yes, I called his office. And told them that Toomey damn well better put out a statement soon.

  4. Andy B. says:

    Many of the locals in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania had Toomey pegged, before year 2000 as I recall. I remember Toomey making a guest appearance at a gun club there, around that time, where he expected a cake-walk and instead was ambushed by some associates of mine who were well prepared with pointed questions about specific things he had already done. That sent him fleeing.

    I remember a friend of mine writing at the time, “His opponent may be pond scum, but Toomey’s a lily pad.”

  5. peter o says:

    Honestly, I would have clicked through his profile/googled him as soon as I became suspicious. Being able to call him out for a false flag asap is important in this fight.

  6. Patrick H says:

    Well if he hears enough from us, maybe he’ll realize that pissing gun owners off is a bad idea. I get he’s running in a blue state during a presidential election, but angering gun owners is not the solution to win. When we vote the gun issue is a big part of that, unlike anti-gunners. He’ll lose many more votes than he’ll gain.

    But Bitter is right, we don’t know what he is exactly doing. Contacting him is the best- but don’t get mad a him. Tell him that no new gun control is your policy, and anybody who votes for it will be voted out.

    • Andy B. says:

      The retreat all of these bastards have, is the question “Where else are they going to go?” Given the choice, gun owners will vote for an anti-gun Republican over an anti-gun Democrat, and the Republican Party knows that. (I’m flashing back to Lee Atwater’s quote, “We don’t need to talk to gun owners — the election’s over.”) Toomey knows he can vote for what looks like Gun Control Lite, and gun owners will still vote for him, especially if minimal cover is provided for him by significant gun rights organizations. Make an excuse to us, and we’ll rush to embrace it.

      Personally, there have been many elections where I left both levers for certain offices unpulled in the voting booth. But, that is not as dramatic and does not show up as clearly as voting against somebody. We all like to feel we’re in the game. But it does withhold something both candidates want; a vote.


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