Vote Date Slipping?

The paper of making up the record is lamenting the fact that the vote they apparently deserve is getting put off:

On Tuesday, Senate aides said that formal debate and substantive votes on the gun issues would probably slip to the week of April 15 — a setback considering that Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, had pledged that it would be the first issue to come up when Congress returns from spring recess next week.

I believe this means they are still at an impasse, and are putting off the vote to prevent everything from dying a horrible death. This is good news for us. Time is their enemy and our friend. Also, they tout the 40% statistic, which has been trounced even by the WaPo fact checkers.

2 Responses to “Vote Date Slipping?”

  1. Archer says:

    It’s interesting that WaPo “downgraded” their fact check on the “40%” statistic.

    They originally gave the Prez the benefit of doubt, gave him “two Pinnochios”, but when he continued to use the exact same false statistic – no re-wording “40% of sales” to “40% of transfers” or “40% of sales” to “20% of sales”; either is more correct – WaPo changes it to “three Pinnochios”.

    If this continues, it’s possible even the New York freakin’-Times will call that statistic to the floor. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.

  2. Patrick H says:

    Good news on the Tyranny front then. Any delay is better for our side. Because gun control is emotion driven- and that can only be sustained for so long- it will peter out.


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